2020 FiM Jackson District Photos


I’m just posting here to share the photos our team took at the 2020 FiM Jackson event. You can use these photos if you wish for your team’s use.

Disclaimer: These photos have a heavy 3175 focus, however we thought there was a decent amount of good photos of other teams that we felt like sharing them (the photos that feature other teams mostly start about 100 photos in of over 800 photos).



Do you have any pictures of the button that ended up on your bot? We didn’t get a picture.

I would have to ask - I was volunteering at the event so I do not know anything about this.

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Ok thanks

We don’t have any super nice photos of the button on our robot, but one of our mentors just so happened to have a photo of it on his phone, even if it isn’t the best photo.

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