2020 First Tech Challenge Skystone presented by Qualcomm Game Animation

The Game animation has been revealed! So it does seem to have a slight star wars connection. Perhaps it will be similar for FRC?

Here is the animation.



Recycle rush 2 electric boogaloo




The blue alliance looks like it has some Star Wars-y version of Dozer… Return of Dozer confirmed?


That is the very clip I shared with my group. To bad they already addressed the idea with no reaching out of the field. I would have enjoyed watching someone try this.

I worry most about the obvious stacking game FTC and hints-of FLL has. FRC can’t possibly have a 3rd year of elevators stacking can it?

How does FRC break the mold set here and deviate to a shooter?

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Hey I know you
I like the lego pieces. I’m thinking our team is aiming at least 6 cycles to get a stable skyscraper


That’s Plowie, the FTC version of Dozer. Plowie is usually always in FTC game animations.

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I added the Andymark field and all game elements to Onshape. When inserting into your document, search “SKYSTONE” or copy the following URL into the insert search bar on the Other Documents tab. https://cad.onshape.com/documents/f11888ef1b461d9c29b90c63/w/8d4025c792aa14880e550461/e/eba439555a777e5eb203a8fe

You can insert the assembly “LR20 Production - Field 5 8-19-19” for everything. The stones are “1x2 Block V2” which is a part. The foundation is an assembly “Foundation Slab r2”.


It looks like a beautiful game concept but the FTC GDC just likes to overcomplicate the scoring.


This tells me that the GDC (assuming the same one designs FTC & FRC games), isn’t afraid to stack 3 lifting-related games in a row. Considering that this will be the 3rd year of elevator-esque FTC & FRC games, I guess we can’t rule out another elevator game in FRC.

Looks pretty good though it seems to have a lot of chokepoints for a non contact game and I would hate to be a scorer.


They don’t.


This game is far from a non-contact game. You can’t block access for long periods of time, but there is going to be contact/conflict over space in the front half of the field.

Having said that, being a scorer is going to be rough with having to track stone deliveries.


Yeah, the two alliances will be crossing each other to get to their depot on the other side of the field to collect their stones. It is likely that teams will try to “return” to the front half of the field through the neutral skybridge, which will avoid some of the congestion, but there are still a lot of crossing paths to contend with.

It makes me wonder whether you will see stacking specialists who will just hang out at the foundation plate and make stacks while their alliance partner collects fresh stones from the other end of the field.


To add on, the GDCs for FRC and FTC are both largely independent, but also have significantly different priorities, constraints and experience levels (this is an observation from running into people from both over the years).

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Why does FTC fell the need every year to create a game with a super complicated scoring structure? I feel like this is another year where watching a random match will be very hard to pick up on who is winning, what is most valuable to do etc; this has been a common trend and issue with FTC for a long time now.


They’ve been doing that longer than the FRC GDC used multipliers to score, correct?

(A number of the late 90s/early 2000s games, notoriously 2001, had score multipliers. IIRC the last one was 2004.)

Recycle rush but with lego

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But the stacking zones move

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