2020 FMA District Events Now Closed to Public

None of us here can provide you a definite answer. Reach out to Joe Troy via email.

Well, I think its step in the right direction.

We’re doing just that. We have a few kids on the spectrum and they definitely benefit from having a parent/guardian there at competitions so I’m hopeful the answer is yes–even if it’s on a case by case basis.

Palmetto Regional is very well attended by the public/family/friends.
We had over 35 alumni, friends, school/district admin, & family attend.
The were many teams with similar support.

This weekend’s Springside Chestnut Hill FMA District Event has now been cancelled.

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I would be absolutely shocked if Detroit worlds takes place.


Is there now a 20 person limit throughout FMA?

That doesn’t quite matter, because Robbinsville has now been cancelled: https://www.firstinspires.org/team-event-search/event?id=45922

I’d imagine the 20-person limit would be enforced if any FMA districts were to be held this season, however.

It still matters; there are other approaching events. And yes I agree. Sad to hear about that closing.

From what I hear, there’s definitely discussions about this possibility, MSC too. Nothing official yet though, not sure if it would be a reschedule or cancellation either.

We compete in Bridgewater and Montgomery, so we’re going to have drive team testing this weekend and we’re just going to practice if any good news comes our way.

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Robbinsville district event just got cancelled

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Not sure why this is spreading, but no. FMA mentioned a potential limit for all events, but never suggested the actual number would be the same. 20 was only ever given in the Robbinsville plan, so there’s no reason to believe all events are going to be 20 - especially when they all have a different number of teams.

The FMA season has now been postponed.

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For those who have not heard, all of FMA was recently announced as post poned. I guess I can call myself lucky for competing in what might be the only FMA 2020 event lol.


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