2020 FRC game talk

So… recharge…
5-inch neon fuel balls to charge your battery… and the battery container? a big green bucket… Starwars - lightsaber=>pool noodles… one way to charge the battery is by turning a yellow gear…

one thing that I could definitely see come out of this game is a percentage scoring like how much percent you “charged” over the course of the game… whatever that might be.

Agree with percentage but other than that IDK dude. Cool joke tho.

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I’m guessing placing square “solar panels” and loading batteries for energy storage.

Bonus points if you have to place the panels in a pattern like FTC last year.

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Stronghold had climbs at the ends of the field. Steamworks and powerup had climbs in the middle of the field and deep space had them on the ends again. My prediction is we will have some sort of climb element in the middle of the field.