2020 game speculation

I have given much thought to this matter and have concluded that the water leakage was a red herring. The 2020 game will be a drone game.


20 and 25 will clearly be a repeat of the 20th and 25th years of FIRST respectively, so a combination of 2012 and then 2017.

We can now move on to 2026.


(2+0) * 2 * 6 = 24

Inevitably, this must mean that it is a sequel to the 24th FRC Season, or “Recycle Rush Recycled”.

We can now move on to 2027.


FRC 2020 : Polar Peril!

A scientific expedition has been lost in the deep arctic and teams will need to bring rescue gear (downsized pallets) to them before it’s too late!

  • Look out: Penguins (Rugby balls) are roaming around the field, escorting them to their nests will get you a ranking point! Don’t run them over though, penguins bruise easily!
  • Be careful, the shifting seas could cause some parts of the field (illuminated by overhead lights) to become Thin Ice at any time! Don’t fall through!
  • Load onto your Research Vessel (bar attached to alliance station wall) at the end of the match and sail away!

(I don’t think FRC has actually had a proper sea game, lets fix that GDC!)


ICE Game = Water Game :wink:


How should I know what next years game is going to be I don’t have 2020 vision…


Sorry about that BTW


while im not going to take the time to speculate specifics, im gonna take a stab at the theme.
ok i lied.
2020 game Cattle Corral
field consists of two “pens” at each end, in the middle is a large number of roombas.
teams have to collect as many roombas as possible.
roombas move really unpredictably. so throughout the match you have to put these roombas or “cattle” into the pen on your side, but if you leave the pen open, they can get out themselves. so you have to close it and keep it closed. your opponents can play defensively by opening your pen, but they cant steal cattle in your pen. if the cattle happens to wonder out, then can take that.

boom. gdc, hire me.



First Eruptuon:

The game would be a tropical theme, so think Hawaii, tiki torches (more on that later), and volcanoes (also more on that). The name is undecided, but if ya’lls have ideas let me know.

The main idea around the game is that both alliances have similar, but different tasks. This would require good robots to be able to be good at both task. Requiring deep building strategy, which in turn would decrease the number of good teams. Not sure if that’s a good thing, but it would be challenging. Schedule would have to be evenly on each alliance in quals. Plus since they’re getting rid of stop build day this would be a way to balance out the difficulty.

Alright now the game.This game would be returning to the classic 15 sec. auto and 2:15 min. teleop. The red alliance scores points by taking tiki torches over a stream of lava (probably red ping pong balls), lighting them and placing them in the post holes. The blue alliance earns points by grabbing water (blue ping pong balls), and storing them in water buckets. In the last 30 seconds of the match alliances their ping pong balls into the volcano in the center of the field to either erupt the volcano (red alliance) or prevent it from erupting (blue alliance).

The regular ranking point system would be used for wins (wins: 2, tie:1). The red alliance can earn a ranking point for lighting and placing X number of tiki torches, and the blue alliance can get a ranking point by filling X number of water buckets. One of the alliances can earn a ranking point by taking control of the volcano.


At an FLL State championship around November, the host confirmed that the theme for next years FLL would be cities, and since FIRST is trying to standardize all their programs, next years game will have a cities theme.


I don’t think cities have been confirmed for FLL, but it is heavily speculated as a city theme based on the FLL and junior teaser trailers.

I think all four will be announced in Houston.


i hope so, its fun having all that time with something to actually go off of to speculate


I not necessarily sure that FIRST is going to do unified themes every year. They did it this year because of the moon landing. Not saying it’s not possible, but I wouldn’t bank on it.

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I think the lack of bag day is telling (a difficult challenge ahead)…expect VERY BIG changes in 2020 end of message



The 2020 game will be known as Revenge of the Bags!

Teams will compete to load game pieces (2017 Fuel, anybody? AndyMark?) into robot bags and fasten tags on them. For the endgame, try to get into and out of the bag without being caught, then throw it onto the other side of the field in the last 10 seconds.


The last two games have been placing games. I’d be surprised if it was that again, leading me to think that it’ll be a shooting game.

I also don’t know how prevalent the rise of swerve is outside PNW, but it’s looking like quite a few teams will have it next year (possibly even us). Some field hazards, like Stronghold year, might be added.


Robots will have to destroy a city similarly to an old monster movie. The more retrofuturistic your robot looks, the more points it scores.

Endgame consists of climbing up a skyscraper.



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We meet again, old friend.