2020 Game tools and firmware updates for competition?

We often get burned showing up at a competition with driver station and or roborio firmware that are behind updates that have been issued since the kickoff. This is exacerbated since there is generally no internet in pits so people end up running a sneakernet with thumbdrives.
I wanted to head that off this year for us but NI doesn’t seem to be publishing the version numbers for the tools on the web at the moment, so I can’t easily tell if there has been an update via (https://www.ni.com/en-us/support/downloads/drivers/download.frc-game-tools.html#333285).
Is there a watchlist / changelog for updates to these tools, or a central site that I should know by now for what versions of each tool are required at competitions? (Team Updates and FIRST forums didn’t seem to have it either.)


Inspection checklist ?

Software Versions – The RoboRio image (FRC_2020_v10 or later) and DS (20.0 or later) must be loaded

That is a great answer. “2020 FRC Inspection Checklist” shows up quickly in a google search as well, so I’ll remember this from now on.

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Required versions for any software is also listed in the manual somewhere.
This also means updates to these versions will be in the Team Updates.

Edit: R57 and R88

Team updates don’t have it because there have been no required updates this year.

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