2020 IRI - Date Announcement

The 2020 IRI will be JUNE 25-27 (Thursday - Saturday), at Lawrence North High School (same location).

Since this is earlier than the past few years, we wanted to let teams know in advance of the date change.

As of now, we don’t have any rule changes to announce :slight_smile:

Chris Fultz
2020 IRI


Wow! We know that date before the official events!


Wow, even Chris doesn’t know details of FIRST Rise! Good job, Frank.

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  • Teams are only allowed to remove water from the arena floor with the 5 gallon buckets rather than the 10 gallon ones.
  • There will be no red cards given for entering the arena before the signal is given if the participant is a certified lifeguard.

Out of curiosity, what motivated this date change? Thanks for the advance notice though, it’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

The school is having the gym floor refinished during the usual IRI dates so it was moved to a time before that happens I think.


If not, they can just change the game rules to have an anti-regolith floor. Let’s see how fast those robots can move on a sticky floor.

I knew I should have made an effort to get there last month, but vacation time was questionable. Alas, I’m already committed for that weekend in 2020.

No corn :frowning:

No corn, tomatoes will just be coming on, melons barely even leafed out. There ought to be some good asparagus, and maybe the last few mulberries on the tree.

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It’s really disappointing to see the date move so early. Schools are still having graduations at that point in the year, including 2791’s school if I’m not mistaken.


Several reasons for the change.

We tried to look at east coast school schedules, and it seemed like we were clear with that late of a June date.

The drivers for the change were the school schedule / availability, and the timing of re-finishing the gym floors. The re-finishing happens during ISHAA Moratorium Week (the week of July that includes July 4). This is a time consuming and expensive process. With our old date, we were usually the first group on the new floor. And, 2 of the past 3 years there has been floor damage (not from the playing field, but from the queuing areas). And we had a very close call again this year. If we had to pay to redo the floor refinishing we could not afford to host to host the event.

So by moving to late June, we are the last group on the floor before it is re-finished. We still need to be careful, but there is less risk to us.


Will this be a new date to continue to plan at the end of June or is this just for 2020?

Maybe the date change will bring back some teams who haven’t been to IRI in a while. Especially the ones who go to China.


Not likey our robots had to be in California to get on the boat by like June 6th this year.

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A June 25 or later end to the school year is an outlier. Most schools are ending in the first or second week of June (and many Southern and Midwestern school districts even end in May). New York state seems like the only area that has school districts that run that late.

Canadian Schools have exams and graduations during this time. Not sure the probability any Canadian teams can go.


I spent some time trying to verify this. It looks like the majority of Ontario school boards (2056’s, 5406’s, 1114’s) have the last exam on the 24th in 2020. That’s going to make IRI possible but really tough. It’s definitely disappointing to see this change.

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The 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition game is played on a 27 x 54 foot field of week-old spilled Coca Cola, to simulate the experience of going to the theater to see the new Star Wars movie.


And maybe the Sandstorm will reappear as opaque human silhouettes that pop up at random times in front of the driver stations and volunteers will be stationed behind to talk loudly about previous matches…

Dont forget to sprinkle in some stale popcorn and skittles.