2020 LA North match 33

This is a must watch match given the composition of the blue alliance: 973, 359, 1678. Has the potential for yielding the high score of the weekend.


The other alliance may just employ ball starvation measures to stop the bleeding.


TBA doesn’t have a video. Where can I find one?

With a time machine


:man_facepalming: I didn’t see that the match is scheduled to take place today. duh
I’ll stop putting together my DeLorean now…


Does LAN have a livestream? Either they do and i’m just always checking in at the wrong time or they don’t?

@Joy4201 is in charge of that today, so we should find out in a bit?

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It’s 8am in california, they’ll be live when matches start


1:30 to first match LAN at 9AM PST

Los Angeles North Regiona l Feb 27th to Mar 1st, 2020
https://www.twitch.tv/firstinspires13 https://www.twitch.tv/firstinspires14

My back of the envelope calculations put this at a 4% chance to get the shield energized RP. That’s very low, but remember that we’ve had over 1000 matches yet without anyone getting this RP, so an average match probably has <0.1% chance of getting it, and I’m giving them over 40 times higher odds than this.

Obviously though it’s very difficult to predict odds of things that have never happened.


no point in ball starvation, Id assume theyd just go for the RP and call it a day

973 with 4414 has the high score with 240
973, 1678, and 359 only put up 209


That 240 pt match had 36 foul pts … although the 209 pt match had 15 foul pts.

I lot went wrong in the match, and had the chance for a replay. We all declined.

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Out of curiosity, what went wrong, and why did you all decline a replay?

Low goal on red wasn’t scoring. It came unplugged.


I think 46 was still the best performance sans penalties, but someone please fact check me

My driver was the defender that had to ping pong between 359 and 973. I was overjoyed how well he suppressed them given the situation, and with only 15 points in penalties. He left the field extremely pumped up after the opportunity to play D on such great teams.

We left the field having lost two of our four drivetrain chains. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With the difficulties we have had this regional so far, I’m glad my team came off the field hyped after that.


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