2020 Limelight Settings


Our team was trying to find the best settings to recognize the the high goal. We manage to get it work ok but we get a lot of false positive. So we would like to know if any of you managed to make it work and make it reliable.



this is from Kick off. about 5 minutes tuning at about 25’ away
Targeting https://youtu.be/SNpoJp7Bbxw
Settings https://youtu.be/Emq2NEd9iRc

This is a good place to start. We entered these values a week latter at another school and magic it worked

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I’ll try those settings as soon as I can.

Again this is from 25’ so if your targeting closer some addjustment will likely need to be made for sure to the Contour Filters.

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I just tried it and it’s working extremely well thank you!