2020 Michigan Events

For everyone patiently waiting for Michigan events, here they are per the FIRST events website.

1- Kingsford, Southfield, kettering1, traverse city, Jackson
2- st joe, Milford, Kettering 2
3- gull lake, Detroit, Belleville, Muskegon, escanaba
4- centerline, Lansing, Lincoln, midland, west mich
5- woodhaven, Livonia, alpena 1, Ferris state, lakeview
6-Troy, alpena 2, Marysville, east Kentwood, Shepard


I wonder why States isn’t listed yet. (link)

Also, East Kentwood is Week 6. That’s new.

And only three Week 2 events listed so far. I guess we should stay tuned for additions, if there are more FiM teams than we had last year.


Few events also seemed to not come back. Gibraltar and LSSU just to name a few. But also some new ones, Ferris State, Woodhaven, and Traverse City moving to week one.

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Traverse city was week one in 2018. Almost threw my whole schedule off.

I’ve been wondering if they would hold MSC in week 7 or week 8 given that CMP Detroit won’t be until week 10 this year (instead of the usual week 9).

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I assume that more events will be added when we get a more accurate knowledge of team registration numbers, right?

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I can almost guarantee you they won’t run MSC and Houston the same weekend. That’s a recipe for disaster.


From what I understand, FIM is hoping to push MSC to Week 9, right before Detroit champs. Week 7 is Easter, and week 8 is Houston. It’s not a great situation anyway you look at it.

Wk9 MSC / Wk10 DET Worlds sounds like a nightmare for any non-Metro FiM team that would need to hotel. RIP wallet.


I wonder if they are looking at the Suburban Collection Showplace for States? They have a new 67,000 sq ft column free space. There aren’t any events scheduled yet for late April.

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And I should clarify - I believe FIM is trying to do the best they can given this situation. No perfect answer.

Totally baseless speculation: MSC at Cobo, leave the fields up for championships a few days later.


SAE WCX is the week before Detroit Worlds


According to tom, he wants to do a 6 field District championship that what I heard from him at worlds this past season.

Not to take this thread on too big a tangent, but with 6 divisions wouldn’t it make more sense at that point to split FiM up into 2 championships?

This past season, FRC team count for FiM (539) finally eclipsed the number of 11-man varsity football teams in the state (532) per this website: https://michigan-football.com/f/top11man.htm

At the same time, MI hs football runs 8 divisions, crowning 8 different 11-man team state champions (https://www.mhsaa.com/sports/football/pairings). I don’t think it would be too unreasonable for FiM to crown 2 state champs when football (arguably the biggest competition in terms of infrastructure) crowns 8.

I don’t even care if they split it by region (N vs S), school size, team size, or some other rolling qualifier like the premier league. I think we’ve reached the point of unsustainability in terms of size and need to split it up if we wish to keep including more teams at the state championship.


Technically Gibraltar and Woodhaven are hosted by the same organization. So they didn’t really go away, they switched venues for the last two years while woodhaven was getting building upgrades. Expect that new car smell with the upgrades at woodhaven. (No more going through the pool for the drive team :wink: )

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But that was one of my favorite parts of competing there back in 2015 ):

I just wonder how the dynamic is going to change this year for U.P. teams, especially in Week 1… No one I have talked to can remember the last time we had this early of an event. I hope everyone is ready to go at Kingsford this year with less time.

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Cough #2States Cough

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