2020 NE Events


Where was this originally posted?

Oh exciting! A new Connecticut event

On the NEfirst facebook

Hooray, people can finally stop complaining about it!

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Yes but also no RIDE


oh look, more events we can’t go to


oh, very true. I didn’t realize that

F for respects

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No UNH, possible dcmp location?

UNH is still under construction iirc


(Now in the correct thread)

Well, for my team the options are:

  • Go out of state, a tough sell to the people with the final say
  • Go during 1 of 2 weekends eaten up by school breaks/trips
  • Compete back to back in weeks 4 and 5

Somehow I’m left longing for the point where we didn’t know the schedule…

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What are the chances of the dcu center hosting dcmp. From what it looks like on the website the facility is more than large enough to host two fields in the arena and pits in the convention center.

No matter what we’ll always complain lol.

I’m thinking maybe the RIDE building might host DCMP or somewhere in the north like New Hampshire. But people who have been in FIRST longer can probably theorize better than I can.

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That’s the spirit!

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The weekends did not work out with Bryant College and they were charging a very hefty price to use their spaces for the weekend. There may be one smaller event in Rhode Island but the logistics of that are very up in the air.



Chances are probably minimal I would think. That weekend is right at the end of hockey season, and right at the beginning of the arena football season, so it’s unlikely that the venue would even be available for 3 or 4 days. On top of that, based on what @wyattcrowther20 said earlier, if Bryant was too pricey for NEFIRST I would think the DCU center will be out of the question for money alone.

Glad this is finally out.

It’s great to see another CT event show up given there has only been a demand for more events in such a dense state.

Will admit I’m concerned about how preferences will go in light of the few changes we are seeing this year.

No RIDE and no UNH and one less district for the region than last year. UNH has always been the most popular NH event and Bedford and GSD were in demand last year as well. 5/11 events in Massachusetts for qualifying is going to be interesting to see where teams end up. Thankfully Massachusetts is central for New England, but I can imagine this is frustrating for teams on the perimeter to see.

Given the density in our area, I’m afraid some teams like us may be forced into travel events to find available events later in the season.