2020 OCCRA Soccer Shootout

Here is the Game Manual and associated files for the 2020 OCCRA game, OCCRA Soccer Shootout.

Please direct any questions regarding the game to the Official OCCRA Q&A, located on ChiefDelphi here.

For any questions regarding details of the season, logistics, etc. please use your team’s lead coach/mentor and have them contact Oakland Schools through the appropriate emails/channels.

Good luck to all teams this season, and stay safe!

GAME MANUAL - V1 - 09/21/2020
2020 OCCRA Soccer Shootout - Game Manual - V1.pdf (2.1 MB)

*Note that Section 3 - The Competition has been withheld from V1 of the Game Manual, and will be included in V2 once details regarding the season plans have been finalized by Oakland Schools and the OCCRA Steering Committee.

2020 OCCRA Soccer Shootout - STEP CAD.zip (6.0 MB)

2020 OCCRA Soccer Shootout - One Pager.pdf (751.9 KB)
2020 OCCRA Soccer Shootout - Rules Cheat Sheet.pdf (376.5 KB)
2020 OCCRA Soccer Shootout - Inspection Sheet.pdf (398.6 KB)
2020 OCCRA Soccer Shootout - Field Drawings.pdf (552.1 KB)

**Appendix C - Kit of Parts, and Appendix E - Awards are also withheld until V2 of the manual is ready for release.




Thank you for sharing.

Quick question regarding Mecanum wheels, are we allowed to use them? The cost for 4 is $419, which exceeds the $100 per part limit.

Also, I apologize if this is the wrong forum. If so, please direct me to the right spot. Thanks, have a great day.

I can’t answer for the GDC, but you could consider less expensive mecanum wheels. These ones from VEXpro are an option.

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Just out of curiosity (My team is not in Oakland county), but can a team with a CNC router make a part that would be COTS to save time and money? Gussets is what comes to mind

I can’t answer for the GDC, but I would think that would still be covered by R11, so no.

Game Ball

We just got the game ball and this is interesting. The ball should be consistent in size from ball to ball. The cover restricts the size. The interesting aspect is the inflation. How is the GDC going to determine the inflation guidelines?

Hey, just for consistency can you ask any questions about the OCCRA game in the actual Q&A forum? That way I’m not giving any rulings or official statements in the wrong thread. Thanks!

Sure, can do. Will there be a 2020 Q&A? None exists right now. There was one for 2019

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All questions can be asked in the OCCRA Questions subcategory located here. This is also linked in the original post of this thread.

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