2020 Off-Season

I haven’t seen a compiled list of off-season events so could we possibly start one now that the official season is essentially dead. I know there are teams and people that still want to see their robots in a competition environment. Feel free to add events down below.

Event Dates Application Deadline Location Link
Mayhem in Merrimack May 23 April 22 Merrimack, NH https://chopshop166.com/Mayhem
Battlecry@WPI June 12-14 ---- Worcester, MA https://wp.wpi.edu/battlecry/
Indiana Robotics Invitational June 25-27 ---- Indianapolis, IN
Texas Robotics Invitational July 9-11 May 8th Houston, TX Texas Robotics Invitational (TRI) - 2020 - July 9-11th
Texas Robot Roundup July 25-26 May 1st Bastrop, TX 2020 Texas Robot Roundup
Rock River Robotics Off-Season Competition July 25 ---- Rockford, IL r2oc.org
WVROX August 7-8 ---- Morgantown, WV marsfirst.org/wvrox
Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference Championship October 24 ---- Upsala MN nmrconference.org

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Maybe set it to a wiki too?

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We will be hosting our own “fake regional” at our own lab with our rookie team, this year and last years robot due to first suspending regionals!!!


Yeah, I made it a wiki

added a column for the application deadline for easier planning


Summer Heat in Maine. Late June if this Corona stuff is over by then.

WVROX Aug 7-8
Blue Ridge Brawl Oct 2-3

Just remember that offseason events need the official fields…and if FIRST is trying to resume the season somehow (maybe in the Fall) they likely won’t want to send out the fields yet.

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