2020 Paper Scouting

Hello everybody, long time no see. I have built a simple Scouting sheet so every team will be able to do effective one page scouting. All the work you need to do to make it your own would be to either: Mail merge team names and numbers into the header for your event, or just hand write numbers. I recommend printing pages as double sided.
Thanks all! Happy to be back!

Note: I am also working on a database to be used in excel. This means offline Scouting database for teams who do not have many resources to use for an event. I will add it to this post when i am satisfied.

Scout Sheet2020-1A.docx (14.1 KB)


Hey guys. Been very busy these past couple weeks with work and school. Here is the promised database input.

ScoutBook1B.xlsx (40.6 KB)

I have it set up for rocket city because that is the only event my team is attending. but feel free to take this and make it your own.

Pro: this is an offline database that will work with any laptop that has excel installed. You should not be dependant on internet or wireless communications at an event.

Con: It’s an offline database. Someone will have the responsibility of inputting the data from an event.
However, if your team has two laptops with excel, then your flow of data could be like this:

  1. Collect data through paper sheets.
  2. Input data into database
  3. download updated version to a flashdrive then upload it into the second laptop (whether it is in the pit or with the drive coach)

I plan on linking this to access too so I can validate my CIS 146 class.

Good luck this season and I hope this system helps raise the competitiveness of FRC.

Dan the man

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