2020 Pneumatic Regulator Limit

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Question about 2020 (well, 2021 but it’s technical). For a pneumatic system, are you able to have more than one regulator in the system? The rulebook probably says it - but I couldn’t find it, or claim a clear answer. So I am taking it to CD. For our system, we have currently one piston running at approx 50 psi, and we need to run another at 23-25 ish. So do we need to use an alternate solution like needle valves or is it possible to have a second regulator in the system? Asking this from knowledge of R81, can we have a second regulator downstream from our “primary” regulator, as it seems to leave room. I Don’t see any for a “secondary”. Because I feel like if this goes on, the only limit is a limited amount of space for solenoids on the PCM. I know I shouldn’t be ashamed to ask a question, but I feel like the answer is pretty clear.

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Yeas, you can have a secondary regulator downstream of your primary regulator.


Yes, you can. I am not certain if there is a specific rule set up wise, but conventionally you’d put your second, lower pressure regulator off of the first higher one (like in this FRC Pneumatic System Diagram).

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It is really important to understand the rules. You do have to read them a couple of times but this is how the rules applies to your situation.
R77 lists allowed pneumatic components. Regulators are on that list.
R81 & R82 Only allows one regulator to be connected to the high pressure side of the pneumatic system. Meaning that any other regulators need to be on the working (low pressure) side.

Needless to say CD is not a source for official answers to the rules. :slight_smile:

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