2020 PNW Auburn Mountainview event CANCELLED due to COVID-19 (update: Auburn too)

This really sucks for PNW, hopefully FIRSTWA figures out something to reward teams unable to compete.


Picture in case the website changes.


This is…not good.


I have no envy for the FIRSTWA leadership for being put in such a lose-lose situation. Tough decision they had to make.


Is this the first US event being cancelled?


For COVID-19? Yes.

In general? No. Hatboro-Horsham 2018 had a power outage that caused the event to be rescheduled from week 1 to week 5. The Southwest VA district qualifier also had to be moved due to snow issues that same season.


A shame to see. Had higher hopes after hearing WV wasn’t cancelled, but looks like I was too optimistic.

Hopefully, no other events in the district gets cancelled, esp since the only open events for teams are WV (which starts tomorrow) and Sundome (most teams at AMV are signed up for a W4 already.) which puts a lot of strain on making sure these teams get their plays.


So unfortunate. However I’m thankful for the community taking proactive measures instead of reactionary ones. Corona virus snowballing into something much larger is no joke and in the realm of possibility.

I hope everyone’s taking appropriate measures, especially at school. As someone who has plenty of people who are “at risk” in my life (pregnant, immuno-compromised, elderly…) it’s a very “real” thing to me. I just can’t risk getting sick for the sake of people around me.


Team 359 feels your pain.
Should have been in practice day today in Taiwan!


In distrcts, how do they handle the redistribution of teams? And district points?

Also, both of your examples is a reschedule. What about cancellation?

In 2018, FIRST Mid-Atlantic rescheduled all the Hatboro-Horsham teams to later events (most of them being the week 5 HH event, but some filtered into other events due to scheduling issues).
FIRST Chesapeake moved as many teams from the Blacksburg venue to the new venue for their cancelled event as they could. There was at least one team (3072) that couldn’t make it to the new venue, and had their district points from their other event doubled for purposes of DCMP attendance (3072 didn’t attend DCMP anyway).


This is definitely an unfortunate turn of events. I was thinking this was the only event I’d be able to attend in person, with my team, this season. I’m going to do my best to get up to Bellingham week 4, assuming that event goes on as scheduled, but we’ll see.

I have young kids and a pregnant wife at home, so I am very worried about potentially contracting and exposing them to it from either my team or a FIRST event. It’s hard to know what really is an over-reaction or under-reaction, so I’m at least glad FIRSTWA is taking it seriously, and doing what they can.


Here in Virginia, from what I recall from that season, three things happened:

  1. teams that could make the quick, and I mean QUICK, change at short notice from Blacksburg to Richmond did such and were counted as normal
  2. teams that could not make the journey had their first event points doubled to make up for that lost event
  3. in absence of teams that had signed up for the event, teams that had already participated in two events were given the option to come to this third event but were not given any extra points so it was basically a glorified Week 0 for them
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This is disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. School districts in King county are closing even without any confirmed cases. Currently our district is still open and we’ll continue moving forward with iterations and team meetings as long as we are allowed to. It is a gut punch to our team, knowing that there is a very real possibility that we may not be able to compete this season. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming days/weeks, but I don’t see things getting any better.


We have been loading up all essential tools and robot into our trailer nightly encase they decide to close school on us. It would be horrible for our robot to get locked inside, without a way out.


In Israel there are 100,000 people in qurentine (from population of 9 million).
Almost everyone coming from abroad need to be in qurentine for 14 days at home. Our international airport is empty, no one is travelling.
I think we will see a lot of events being cancelled.


One of my biggest concerns from here going forward is what is FIRSTWA going to do if we have to cancel more events? If teams couldn’t go this week it is likely that even less can go the following week. Im very nervous to see how the rest of this season plays out


The thing I’m wondering is how FIRST is going to handle district points. Some of the teams going to MountainView are only signed up for 2 district events total, and it’ll be interesting to see how these points are doing to be made up at a later date.


Sounds like it will be a case by case basis. They will likely get the choice of an event to reschedule to, and if they can’t make any for a very specific reasons, double the district points they got from their one event they can play.

But what would happen if they cant make it to their first event at all? Im concerned that school districts arent going to let teams compete, im already aware of at least 1 in the PNW. Are those teams just out of commission for 2020? Id hate if that were the case but its something to consider