2020 PNW West Valley District Event will only have 7 alliances in playoffs

1 alliance gets BYE, gets district points too.


I don’t understand why they couldn’t have waited until a probelm arose to do a 7 allance elims.

Also, how will this work with allance selection district points? Will the last picked team get 3 extra district points?

I assume it will still be 17- your pick number. so the first pick would get 16, and the last one would get 3(instead of 1)

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I don’t know, it could continue to be 1+(# of robots to be picked after you), which would make it so that the number of points available per team at the event would be closer to other events.

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i first read this as 7 team alliances


Interesting. When UNC Asheville ran in 2016 with 24 teams, it was played to spec (with zero backups available).

Would be nice to see HQ make this official.


Kevin said that is would be added to the game manual at some point so that it would be official.

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What happens when I post on mobile mid-announcement

Edit: Went and (hopefully) made it more understandable.

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Unfortunate timing for all of this to happen. I’m sure if the Auburn events were canceled sooner teams might have moved to west valley where they need more teams. Instead they will be seemingly forced to cram more teams into the events that are already full such as Wilsonville and Bellingham.


Can we make this a rule at an off-season? Alliances now have 7 teams each and during elims a team may not play two matches consecutively.


I’m not sure that makes sense. The only way that can take place is to use 8 alliances composed of 3 teams. Doing so, you use 24/24 teams. If you wait until a problem appears, that means you wait until a robot breaks and requires a backup robot.

Now, they want to address this by having 7 alliances. But, they have 8. Do they disband alliance 8? Do they go to the top “remaining” ranked bot of those already eliminated to play in two alliances? Do they pause the event and go back to the state they were in with 7 alliances taking a first pick and have the 7th alliance captain take their 2nd pick from the robots that remain?

Or, do we agree the only time it’s rational to consider using 7 alliances instead of 8 is before we get ourselves into a state where 8 alliances exist? We simply cannot wait until a problem appears to plan for the problem. By that point, it’s too late.

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A few years ago, as scorekeeper, I had to set this up for an offseason event. At least in that case, the FTA and I created 3 fictitious teams to make up alliance 8 (a common occurrence at offseasons), and then ran dummy matches where alliance 1 won both matches by one point.

Not to say this is how it would be done at an official event… but it has been done before.

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