2020 Programming Manual HTML to PDF

This old guy can’t figure out how to export the 2020 manual to a PDF. I have been told that the school Chrome books are not getting access to the FRC web site. Getting a pdf copy would be a quick and easy work around. Any suggestions? If I could get the source I might be able to host it on a thumb drive. But that will be a challenge, too.
Any of you Jedi masters show me the way?

I’m probably misunderstanding, but inst the manual already a PDF?

Edit: try this link

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You can download a pdf version of the manual here.

FTFH (Fist to forehead) That was too easy and too fast. Thank-you very much.

Can they access https://frcdocs.wpi.edu/en/latest? We have an alternative edu domain for situations like this.

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Might have to take that back. What you pointed to was the rules. I’m looking for a PDF of this https://docs.wpilib.org/en/latest/

Sorry, I just read manual and assumed you meant the game manual.

Just sent the link to the youths asking them to test it on their Chromebooks at school. I will let you know. Thank-you Sir!

From the menu in the bottom left: https://docs.wpilib.org/_/downloads/en/latest/pdf/


All is Good Sir !
Do appreciate the effort.
Thank you

If you do end up having to save as PDF, Chrome (and probably other browsers) allow you to click print and select “Print to PDF” as a printer.

Docs.wpilib.org has about 900 pages. That’s a lot of save to PDF.

Sir, That is a solution and the one I was after. Thank-you.
Now you referred to the bottom left in the menu… I am blind because I don’t see that https://docs.wpilib.org/en/latest/ I have moved both sliders down to the bottom and don’t see the link. I did click on the link you supplied and now have the PDF.
And once I clicked on that banner on the bottom left and really looked at it I see the PDF and HTML so we are golden.

Thank-you everyone. I am a little bit more educated.


Where’s the programming manual for automatically pdf the programming manual?

Click on the gray rectangle in the bottom left:

You can also download an HTML ZIP from there. That would be more user-friendly, if you can open it on your chromebooks.

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