2020 Regionals

It looks like the 2020 Regional schedule is starting to populate on the FIRST site. Does anyone know the dates for any others? We are doing some summer planning in the next couple of weeks and trying to scope out our options. Here is what is official so far:

Edit: TBA has a better list than I can keep up with, now, so just look at their list and I will leave the rumors here until they are official:

Edit: nothing to see here, anymore.

Week 1 (Feb 26-29):

Week 2 (Mar 4-7):

Week 3 (Mar 11-14):

Week 4 (Mar 18-21):

Week 5 (Mar 25-28):

Week 6 (Apr 1-4):

Week 7 (Apr 8-11):

*not yet confirmed on FIRST schedule


PNW events have been tentatively out for over a month now. Biggest change is the addition of Bellingham and Oregon State fairgrounds, with the removal of Mount Vernon and Lake Oswego specifically. Theres also a much needed shakeup of event dates for basically anyone outside of Seattle.

In case its hard to read
  Week 1:
 Red Truck: Clakamas                                         Feb 27-29
  Blue Truck: Glacier Peak                                   Feb 28-Mar 1

 Week 2:
Red Truck: West Valley                                       Mar 5-7
Blue Truck: Auburn Mountainview                              Mar 6-8

Week 3:
 Red Truck: Wilsonville                                      Mar 12-14

Week 4:
 Red Truck: Sundome                                          Mar 19-21
Blue Truck: Bellingham                                       Mar 20-22

Week 5:
Red Truck: Oregon State Fairgrounds                          Mar 26-28
Blue Truck: Auburn                                           Mar 27-29

Week 6:
PNW District Championship - Eastern Washington University    Apr 1-4

For Regionals specifically, @TBKahouna had a thread on Quebec events, with The Festival de robotique de Montreal Regional moving to Week 7, and The Festival de Robotique de Sherbrooke will be Week 2.


… and the Festival de Robotique de Quebec City Regional has been foregone for 2020 and is replaced by the Festival de Robotique de Sherbrooke City Regional.

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In Ontario we have the new Carleton district event during week 2 (Friday March 13th - Sunday March 15th), and the Western district event has moved to week 5 (Friday April 3rd - Sunday April 5th).

Looking forward to seeing the dates for the rest of the district, hopefully sooner than later.


I’ve heard rumors that Great Northern is planned to be later in the season for 2020. There was a snowstorm this year that caused all sorts of issues before and during the event, so moving should reduce the odds of that happening again.

Also, cool to see Iowa in Week 5 this year, though it is the week after spring break for all the schools this year.

Your rumors are wrong. You could state the same rumor for Duluth, but you’d be wrong there, too. Having attended both events last year, the bigger impact (Overall) was in Duluth, where the entire schedule was modified while at the event, including the structure for the award ceremony.

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The SBPLI Long Island #1 will be March 23-25
SBPLI Long Island #2 will be March 26-28

This is on a handshake agreement, the contract has yet to be negotiated.


I may be mistaken, but I believe April 3rd-5th is still a week 6 event next year.

From this page: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/calendar

If Western is to be a week 5 event next year it’s dates would be March 27-29. However the dates on the Western event page don’t suggest that to be the case. https://www.eng.uwo.ca/outreach/first-robotics/competition/

It looks to me as though the Western event is not changing weeks for the 2020 season.

Edit: Carleton would also be considered a week 3 event by the dates posted. Which is interesting because in 2019 there were already two events in Ontario happening on that weekend. Perhaps the Ryerson or the Georgian event is moving to week 2 alongside Humber?

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Well it would appear my entire personal FRC calendar is out by a week currently. I guess I’ll have to update that :sweat_smile:. Thanks for that clarification.

No problem. There are many events who’ve yet to officially post their dates, but the season calendar released by FIRST seems to be pretty set in stone. I personally fill in the competitions on my calendar using the “competition weeks” as a guide and referencing which week of the competition season the event was held on during the previous year. It’s not a big deal to move it later once the dates are officially released for the events. But I often don’t have to as they typically try to hold them on the same week year after year. (Venue and volunteers permitting.)

Of course, I fully expect some shenanigans with the first three weeks of 2020 due to an additional event being added. Especially now that you brought to my attention the fact that Carleton is to be a week 3 event. Week 1 and 2 in 2019 each had a single event with the remaining weeks holding two events per week up until DCMP. So one of the events that happened week 3 last year will probably be moved around.

Chesapeake has been releasing next year district and DCMP info at district champs for a couple of years now, so we’ve had our (mostly) full 2020 schedule since April. Including a new two division district championship that will be interesting. :smiley:


Unfortunately you’d have to move our midwest events to late April if you want any chance of avoiding snow.

Frozen water game?


Rumors I’ve heard about California events:

Week 1 - LA North
Week 2 - Del Mar, LA
Week 3 - San Diego, CVR
Week 4 - Ventura, SFR
Week 5 - MBR, Sacramento
Week 6 - AVR, OCR, SVR

SF may be week 2. No plan for new events, but if there’s one it’ll be in Roseville


LVR is set for week 5. Hope to see a bunch of our out of state friends join us:)


I updated the unofficial list in the OP and will try to keep this semi-updated. Not tackling districts yet.

Green Country (Tulsa, OK) is either week 5 or 6 - I’ve heard two different things.


Make sure to change it to a wiki so you can keep editing it after 24 hours.


Spring breaks for KC regional hosting schools overlap next year, so I’m not sure what they’ll do. Here is their SB dates.

Olathe S. (Heartland) is March 14-23
Rockhurst (GKC) is March 14-22
Smith-Cotton (C. Mo.) is March 14-22

Since C. Mo was as fri-sun competition, they probably are easier to manage during a school week. I am not sure the school was closed Friday, but thought it was. Their calendar didn’t show an off day, and doesn’t this year.

One alternative is that Heartland was going to be in Lawrence, but changed because of gym construction. Lawrence has spring break the week before. So I could see a week 3 at Lawrence, week 4 at Rockhurst, and week 6 at Smith-Cotton, possibility. But I haven’t heard anything yet.

On top of all this is our students desire to travel to a regional, with during Spring Break being best for our families, which is week 4 this year. I’d really love to see Tulsa or Iowa, or some not so far away place move into that week. My luck would be North Dakota, no offense. It is cold and a long drive, and a couple students voted it this year.

Colorado Regional plays on the Denver University Hockey Rink, sliding plastic sheets and all. Does that count? It took me a couple of years to get used to rounding the corner heading to the Red Alliance side from the score table with one particular sheet that has a bigger gap than most others.

There’s a Taiwan regional (or Chinese Taipei for those are from the other side of the strait) planned. IIRC, it is a week 2 event