2020 Regionals

Yeah, I am actually most looking forward to hearing when the Kansas City area events are since that is likely where we will end up for one of them. If we can get into three (pending scheduling, acceptance, and funding) then we’d like OKC week 3, then a KC one week 4 (our spring break), and Tulsa week 6 (but only if it’s week 6 and not week 5). Otherwise it will be OKC and then hopefully whatever the late KC one is. (We’re hoping to be at Cowtown Throwdown later this year, too)

My head mentor @tobymc and I have begun to create a map to track regionals when they are announced. Not everything in this map has been confirmed in FIRST’s website yet - it’s based on the content of this thread and other rumors I have heard.

Here is the link, if you want to contribute: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1Q9ZsEiHfQ9sRgDFjspDgASa2o6h6FrCC&ll=46.12061566973703%2C-101.722737875&z=4

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Informal word from people higher up in the regional planning committee has been keeping with three regionals for next year (2020 though not sure when/where) and conversion to MOKAN district for 2021 forward. That’ll be interesting. Oklahoma is going to have a tough road to pave.

Its been districts in 2 years for quite a few years now. From what I’ve heard the main holdup is finding a solution for IL teams who rely on St. Louis as their home regional.

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That would be great to see you at Cowtown, it is always a good competition. It would be another potential venue, but they also have the same Spring Break.

Of the venues, GKC and C. Mo. were my favored ones. I thought the practice field was too small at C. Mo. We sat in a poor place at GKC, in the middle of a large student section that did not have stairs nearby. South was good, just a little less convenient between pits/stands and the pits felt smaller than GKC.

I heard there might be another offseason (rumor) in mid-September in Salina, KS. A Saturday competition in the style of Kansas Cup from a couple years back. I haven’t been given details to start signing up teams. Hope to hear more on it soon.

I would be shocked if Miami Valley wasn’t week 2 (Mar 4-7). It aligns with Wright-State’s (host school) spring break.

İstanbul/Bosphorus will probably be in the first two weeks, but we’ll see what happens after the euroleague basketball schedule is set in August.

If I recall correctly, the district scheduled a Teacher In-Service day for the high school only last season to accommodate us. Not sure what the plan is for this year.


The Minneapolis Regionals (North Star and 10K) are the same week (5) as Iowa? Wow - it will be interesting to see how teams in the Upper Midwest filter into these.

It will also be interesting to see how scrimmages shape up in Minnesota for Weeks 3 and 4. I wonder if there will be a soft requirement for organizations that win the MN Grants for fields to offer said scrimmages during the ‘off-weeks’.

This is consistent with what we heard at the Sacramento Regional wrap up meeting.

Im hoping for Tulsa Week 5.

I had the privilege of FTAing at Oklahoma Regional Week 2 and Central MO Regional Week 6 last year. I really enjoyed CMO last year and would love to go back this year, but I also promised the Regional Director in Oklahoma that I would come back the following season (if FIRST allows) so that the region could actually have a consistent FTA year-over-year.

Assuming CMO will be Week 6 once again (I cannot confirm nor deny), then I would have to choose between Tulsa and CMO!


Sorry, I heard from the organizer in the last couple of days that Tulsa will be week 6. But thank for you for FTAing! We are at the point in Oklahoma that we should have enough FIRST alumni to step into these roles like I see in every other place we play, but the culture just isn’t there, yet. But some of us are working on it. :slight_smile: I really want to get an OKC offseason going soon but we don’t have the local expertise to pull it off…yet. But those are all other discussions probably best reserved for private messages.

oof. Maybe I just request both then let FIRST decide. :slight_smile:

Looks like FIRST depopulated the events field for 2020…no events listed now.


Looks like it’s still there… I don’t notice anything missing since the other day.

Click on “Event” again
Then unclick the check marks that appear on the other programs.


That brought them back, thanks.

They are trying to move LAN to a new location and also get it back to back with Ventura to save field transportation costs. That’s all I know so far.

I can pretty much promise that there will be no Lawrence, KS regional, at least not this year. Hopefully it can happen in 2021, but right now we have too much construction. We would make a great district venue though . . . come on FIRST, make us a district already.

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My understanding is that this takes a lot more effort/activity at the statewide/district level than at the FIRST HQ level.