2020 season for the Seniors

After all of the hard work and long hours, this season didn’t turn out as planned for any of the team. Robot built and then everything postponed before we even got a chance to compete. Talk of picking back up this summer or fall. That is fine, but what about the seniors who invested all of their time same as well as the others. If they start back up in the summer or fall, that would be after the seniors graduate. My question is, would First allow the seniors to still compete? Grandfather in if you will. I fell it would only be right, being it was “postponed”.


Short answer: We don’t know. And we won’t know until FIRST makes an announcement.


It’s been discussed in a few other threads. When PNW shut down before everyone else, the word was yes. But as @EricH said, I’d wait for an official announcement and probably a team update.


If the event was put in the middle of the summer, technically the rules would still allow drive team members to be graduated seniors because the wording in the manual is “precollege” students.

I’m not sure what would happen if it was in the fall.

So let’s talk offseason- I’ve never been to one so i have no clue how they are run, though i do have little tidbits of some offseasons.
How are the drive team rules enforced for offseasons? Have there been disputes over this rule?

Personally, I’ve never had or seen any disputes at offseason events or any event about the drive team (I’ve been to 2.1 events + 3 offseason). For offseason events, our team’s seniors don’t drive at them because we usually use offseason events to train up younger students. (So this year I won’t drive at offseason events, I’ll probably coach)

But offseason events are usually ran by local teams and they can make changes to the rules. Especially for offseason events, I don’t think we’ll see any problems this year regarding if seniors can be on the drive team. Everyone at these events knows that seniors want one last chance to show how great they are, and if someone tries to take that away from them just because of a technicality…

I don’t think we’ll have to worry about this, but it would be nice to get a team update from FIRST regarding this. We’ll also have to wait and see what times events get rescheduled to.

Depends somewhat on the offseason event. I’ve personally never seen an event put that sort of restriction in, or even check (3/4 of the ones I did last year didn’t even do drive team buttons). Generally speaking unless you get to the really top-tier offseasons (and even then) most people won’t care as long as you have your 4+1 and they all look like they’re the right age group.

Double-check with your local offseason, though.

Most events at the moment have allowed the idea of letting seniors who graduate before the competition to compete since the time the events were originally scheduled they would be able to compete but that is just on my end. This is more so a question for the people who plan your event rather than a worldwide question because any event may decide the seniors graduated therefore they can’t compete but I doubt this would be the case for many events. All in all we just have to see how everything works out.

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