2020 Season Tribute

Hey all. As I am sure you have all heard, this year’s season is cancelled.

However, this year was a great year and everyone has worked hard on their robots. We may not have a chance to show it, but everyone has created a bot they should be proud of.
It seems a shame to me that many of these robots may not be shown off at all so I have a proposal.
We should all work together to make a video tribute to this year’s season and all of the robots that have been built.
This is something that excites me, and I would love the FIRST community’s support in figuring this out.
If you are interested in helping out or providing footage/images, please reach out to me either on here or as a DM.


I would love to see a mosaic done with robot pics of the 2020 logo.


Oh I like that idea as well!

Amazing idea, how would you want this to go down? Would like to see all robots with a very long video

Well I think depending on the number of teams that want to do this we could do one video or multiple videos done by region or something.
As for the exact logistics, I am willing to hear suggestions.

Here’s my storyboard:
They showed a video last year at Houston that showed a summary of all the events. I could see something similar with mosaics of robot pics from teams signed up for that event. Then at the end, it takes each mosaic and lumps them together into the infinite recharge logo.


I like that idea! Feel free to keep the ideas coming.

I have a couple pictures and a video from Traverse City I can put here later tonight

Probably just scraping from TBA
Unfortunately I have no time or skills to actually do this but I can dream.

No need to scrape, all API accessible. Shoot me a ping in a few days if you want something to pull root images out of TBA. Also to teams, PLEASE still submit your robot pictures!

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I was thinking about this myself, it would be cool to recognize teams that put so much work into their robots but couldn’t show them off.
Not sure how to help but I’d be willing to!

Would you want videos or photos?

I would think photos.

Actually I would want some videos - just short clips of quick climbs
or power cell shots or drive teams dancing at practices or whatever
But pictures work well too


We probably don’t want too much actual match play because that was rare…

Right - but videos from practices or practice regionals
clips from robot reveals etc.

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Videos would be insanely cool; I can picture a mosaic with all robots (as mentioned earlier) where each tile is a simple video compilation of each bot

This sounds amazing, I would love to add some footage from my team!

I am happy to see some excitement about this. Please spread this around in whatever way possible so we can get as much involvement as possible!!
And if you are interested in helping edit, please let me know!