2020 seniors on 2021 drive teams? [Poll]

I’m aware that these students fit the definitions for drive team, I’m wondering if anyone else has thought about fifth year team members. I guess outside of Michigan it is more common to have students on a team for five (or more?) years as they have started as an eighth grader. I came across a rule from MHSAA (Michigan High School Athletic Association) back when things were just cancelled and I was curious about what that would mean for Track and Field that said students could only compete for four (consecutive) years. Obviously MHSAA has no jurisdiction over FRC, but that was what had originally gotten me thinking about a theoretical student on a team for five years of high school.

For what it’s worth, there’s been some discussion around allowing college athletes an extra year of eligibility. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but it’s a similar question.

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Those other roles are not required to be pre-college by the manual.

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We had the same student driver from the 2011-2017 seasons (and he drove for 294 in 2018). His education path was a bit weird, but still fit the definition of pre-college.

Interesting. I’m definitely used to Michigan, even though I should know better I tend to think of FRC as only high school until Worlds comes around and middle schoolers suddenly exist outside of FTC for a few days (from my point of view).

I hear you but respectfully argue these can’t be compared equally

A college senior is tough to compare to a high school senior specialty since many post secondary educations go well beyond 4 years. If you spend more than 4 years in high school…well activities are likely not a priority.

If the reasons make sense either way I’ll support.

The thing is that it doesn’t really do much as the seniors get the opportunity while the sophomores lose it.

Okay; I didn’t know that, thanks so much!

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I was a 2020 student and a Senior year member of drive team. Though I would love to come back for offseason events and think that would be a great idea, I do not see seniors participating in the 2021 season as viable nor do I think it should be a thing. I think allowing my class to continue our time on drive team would just be stealing senior year away from the current juniors. The juniors are already getting the short end of the stick only getting 3 games in their 4 years of being on the team, new opportunities should not be taken as well.

Also personally, our team’s drive team was 5/5 seniors and pit crew was 1/4 seniors. Those 3 juniors on pit crew should not have potential chances taken away. Also as a senior myself, I will be in college dealing with a new part of my life managing time with new clubs, and I know for certain others in my class will be attending universities at far from our high school.


No, people need to move on, instead of trying to “make things right”. It sucks that things happened the way they did. But it is what it is, not everything is fair. It would be like colleges and highschools in a year from now redoing a grad ceremony or doing some special event because “they didn’t get to walk across the stage”. People get too focused on symbolic meanings of things. Sure you don’t get to say you were driver on your senior year… or say you got to walk across that stage infront of your parents but come on… you’re the generation … the single class of students (at the moment) that can tell the story to your kids/grandkids that YOU never got walk across the stage or this or that because YOU were part of that unique generation that was affected by “the Corona of 2020” where everything began to be heavily virtualized. When people couldn’t leave their houses across the planet for weeks.

I mean that’s kinda of an epic story to tell your kids you were part of THAT generation. or at-least of the first.

Instead of gloaming on what you wern’t able todo because of this, look at what you will be able todo in the future because of this.

“When you change the way you look at things… The things you look at change”

Actually, my college is planning on holding the graduation ceremony for 2020 grads next year… it’s not that uncommon.


Being a senior on drive team, I wouldn’t feel right having the opportunity to come back to participate next year. While it obviously sucks our season got cut short, with some not even competing, we can’t take away from the younger classes. They’re already hurting by not getting a brand new game for the year.

I can only speak for teams that got to experience a competition this year, but we’ll have to move on eventually, and I think with FIRST replaying the game, it’s a compromise in the middle as we can come back and watch the robot that we built compete.

With this, I believe that without bringing back current seniors and replaying the game, this could create a giant advantage for teams that can carry onto the '22, '23, '24 seasons. There is now plenty of time for strategy and drive practice, not just for the 2021 year, but for future years. Instead of designating just 2 new drivers with maybe a backup to practice driving for 2021, current and incoming freshmen could also be training. If teams take advantage of this, I think we could see some fantastic, cash-money driving in the future.

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I was also a senior this year, but I think that FIRST should also look at what other organizations are doing about this. For example, 4-H is planning on allow seniors to come back next year.

If the 2021 competition season is ever axed due to reasons, it would be interesting, because an affirmative decision from HQ on this topic would devolve into a purely-symbolic gesture. But then, you’d be asking the same question about 2021 seniors in 2022.

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Experience is what you get when what you got isn’t what you wanted.

2020 has provided a wealth of experience!
Experience tends to be painful.

We can’t recover the first half of 2020, including the FRC competition season.
The only thing we can do is focus forward and move forward.
My suggestion is that the senior class do that.