2020 Seven Rivers Regional

Due to the renovations of the La Crosse Center, the 2020 Seven Rivers Regional will have a different look.

The exhibition hall used for pits in previous years will not exist, so all pits will be on the arena floor. (Similar to the North Star Regional in Minnesota)

Also, as space will be tighter, there may not be a half-field practice field. We are working on the layout and will do the best that we can within space constraints.

We will still be on the shores of the Mississippi River, have many hotels and restaurants within walking distance of the arena, and as a Week 6 event - expect the level of competition to be very high.

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Appreciate the info, especially before event preferences need to be set. Any idea if the max number of teams will change as a result of the construction?


Alright, this is good to know because we don’t know what regionals we are attending this year.

Yes, the max number of teams will be smaller this year. Capacity in the past was 54.

Do you need an itinerant scorekeeper?

Not sure where we’re at yet Doug. I’ll be in touch.

Crossing our fingers…

And we are in! It will be good try try out a different venue…

Who else got in?

Here is the team list: https://frc-events.firstinspires.org/2020/WILA

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Four states represented after round one - some familiar faces, some new faces.
Wondering how high the demand will be for a Week 6 event in the no bag era.

Round 2 should be interesting.

Need lodging?



Hello there. Any chance you have an answer as to the solid team capacity of 7R this coming year?


We are looking to be in the mid-upper 40’s for teams. Still working with the venue to finalize layouts.