2020 Shirt Trading Thread

Aaaaaaaand we’re back for another season of shirt trading, this time with a Star Wars twist. Let’s get the 2020 shirt trading thread kicked off!

I’m going to be at Miami Valley, Pittsburgh, and Houston, and I’m looking for pretty much any cool shirts this year, so hit me up. I’m actively looking for 118 (this year’s robot shirt in particular), 148, 359, 1678, 4253, 4817, and international team shirts, though I’m open to anything, so shoot me offers! Spreadsheet here.

Also, apparently we can have Star Wars stuff on our shirts this year. Can’t wait to trade for those!

Good luck, and may the force be with you!


I can’t wait to see 3647’s shirt! Anyone from 3647 open to a trade? (Hoping to trade two shirts if possible, one from me and another from a teammate)


Ah yes I’ve been waiting for this thread, sadly I don’t have shirts anymore :joy:

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By the way if there are any teams out there actually selling team shirts for $10 or less I would like to know

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I will be at Northern CT, SE Mass*, WPI, and Hartford, all in the New England district. I will have three Large 2262 shirts to trade. If you are attending any of these events and have a shirt to trade, DM me and I’ll reserve you one. Happy trading!

* - Tentatively

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I’m stopping by 3647’s workshop tomorrow for a mentor pow-wow, I’ll bug them to get extra shirts this year.

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You betcha! Given that marketing approves of our design, our 2020 pit shirts may feature some Star Wars stuff. I will have extremely limited quantities of these, as they are expensive. I do have other tradable shirts and will post a link to my sheet once I get around to updating it.

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You know I’m gonna ask as soon as you’ve got them :joy:

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Will be at NYTR (Tech Valley Regional) and NYSU (Hudson Valley Regional).
Looking for shirts from teams:
20, 33, 118, 148, 195, 254, 319, 333, 359, 694, 971, 973, 1114, 1323, 1493, 1619, 1676, 1678, 1796, 2056, 2767, 2791, 2910, 3310, 4613, 7179

Our team (for the first time) is planning on getting limited amounts of jackets. They are expensive at about $60+. Will edit with updates.

Also, 2020 may just be the last of 1665. Get yours while you can!


I will be at:

  • LA North
  • San Francisco
  • Monterey Bay
  • Silicon Valley
  • Houston Champs (if my teams qualify).

My sheet can be found here.

I will not trade by mail due to previous incidents.

Here’s my sheet! I’m looking to trade some of my existing stuff, especially my 2898, 3284, 2630, and 365 shirts. I can also trade 1902 stuff if the offers are good enough. I’m looking for stuff from teams 16, 118, 1114, 1678, 2056, 2910, 4613 and the like and I’ll be at Orlando, Smoky Mountains, and Houston Champs. I’m also open to shipping depending on the offer. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rtKY3uIpmP8T4Dc-ZRYb2tswFgvDjt0bpd1tDDsAbb8/edit?usp=sharing

Is it that time of year again?
I have…several things that are very specifically to be traded and several things I am very stingy about. I’ll be at OCR as an RI, LA 'cause that’s at my HS, and LAN 'cause everybody wants to spy on 1678. I’m also cool with shipping because I ask for pictures first.

Trading: 217 L hoodie, 254 M shirt, 254 M black shirt, 585 M shirt, 973 L 2017 World Champions polo, 2468 M shirt, 3132 M shirt, 3310 M shirt, 3847 L shirt, lots of 4201 shirts, and a bunch of other stuff.

Looking for (all M): 968, 5818, 4613 and some random others I’d have to see to remember.

As Aiden/Leap and others have bugged me about, there’s a bunch of stuff on here that’s pretty obviously not for trade, which is why there’s a handy dandy column called “tradability” with color-coded conditional formatting.


The best part of the season is here! I will be at:

  • Orlando
  • Buckeye
  • Rocket City
  • Pittsburgh (Potentially to help out a rookie)
  • Detroit Champs (If my team qualifies)
  • Wvrox (I know it’s a little early, but no way I wouldn’t go)

My wishlist is pretty open, but from the competitions I’m attending I’d love to get a shirt from 27, 144, 179, 180, 217, 233, 1405, 1747, 1902, 2252, 2656, 3015, 3324.

I’ll post my spreadsheet in a little bit, I haven’t updated it in a while.

Woot! Been waiting for this thread :slight_smile:

I’ll be at:

  • Dripping Springs (TX)
  • UNC Pembroke (NC)
  • Portsmouth (FCH/VA)
  • Guilford (NC)
  • Probably NCCMP
  • Houston CMP
  • Detroit CMP

Spreadsheet link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSA1-f33bmGfckPwzgYlrH3juqeDih-zWwPQIFv9NbhgA5mstxIfxsTY6ExbLm8Cn_rGwrAKE7Ycvqf/pubhtml

Let’s do this! I am looking for Medium size items.

Here are my offers:

I will be at the following events and can also trade by US mail:

  • FIT District Greenville Event 2020
  • FIT District Austin Event 2020
  • FIRST In Texas District Championship
  • FIRST Championship - Houston
  • FIRST Championship - Detroit
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Oh boy! Shirt trading!

Here’s my sheet! I’m a size large, so if you’re also a large you’re in the right place.

I’ll be at:
SFR (maybe)
SVR (maybe)
Houston Champs (probably)

I also mail trade if the situation calls for it :slight_smile:

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Here’s my sheet (going on year 4 of this whole trading deal).

Mainly looking for new homes for most of the items marked available and looking to sell ‘em but feel free to offer a trade for most anything!

Since I split time between college and being at home, anything set up before around the end of February will be shipped/ handed off between the weekend of Week 1 events to the weekend of Week 2 events.

These are the events I’m going to be at:

  • Del Mar Regional (Week 2)
  • IN District Perry Meridian Event (Week 4- Will be in attendance as long as no missed Friday class work conflicts)
  • IN State DCMP
  • Houston Champs (up in the air atm but I can find a way :slight_smile: )

Feel free to DM for pictures of items and I can do my best to dig up what I have.


Im with Team 5406. I can get anyone any size and im looking for Xl shirts. I will be at the ONT humber,ryerson,york and mcmaster district event. Might be at DCMP and worlds (DETROIT). LMK if interested

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I’m from 4946 and will be at

  • Durham College
  • Windsor Essex Great Lakes
  • Any other Ontario event if my parents are willing (and commutable)
  • Ontario District Championship (if we qualify)
  • Detroit Championships (if we qualify)

I am typically open to most offers. My Spreadsheet is linked here. As I’m newish to trading, I would prefer a wide variety of items.

Please PM me for photos, information, etc.

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Hey I’m from 302 and I’m looking to trade with anyone right now. I want more shirts for a shirt quilt or something, I will be at:

  • Warren Week 1
  • Hopefully a regional 2, 3 , or 4
  • Livionia Week 5
  • MSC Week 7
  • Detroit Champs

I may go to a couple more local comps in Michigan, and I am willing to ship, but i would like stuff i don’t currently have PM me with offers and info

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