2020 Spectrum Resource Collection

FRC CAD Collection - Blog - Link - Submission Form - CD

We created a simple system for collecting public CAD models of FRC robots and mechanisms.

The FRC CAD Collection currently has over 450 links to robots from almost 200 teams.
Looking through the CAD of completed robots is one of the best ways to get better at designing FRC robots. You can be inspired by past mechanisms and build methods of teams around the world many you may never be able to see in person.


Protopipe Additions - Protopipe.Spectrum3847.org - CAD Files

We have added multiple new parts and a new mechanism example to the Protopipe system. We have included printable clamps, motor mounts, new connectors, drill adapters, and some small versions of previous connectors. We have also included an adapter block that allows you to combine HYPEblocks, a prototyping system made by FRC#5254 HYPE with protopipe elements.

Updated Guide to the FRC MCC

We updated our guide to the FRC MCC with new resources and tips. We added example MCCs from the 2019 season. We have added a section on sensors and counterbalancing mechanisms. We also updated most of the links and added new vendors to the recommended purchases. Thanks to @Billfred for giving suggestions and helping improve this document.

Updated Spectrum Design Sheet

We have added Falcon 500s and both NEOs and NEO 550s to the mechanical section. We have reorganized several of the pages based on how we used it during the 2019 season. We have improved the BOM section and added a parts organization sheet.

This sheet is how we organize our robot construction and helps us design mechanisms without having to re-lookup information over and over throughout the process.

FRC Maintenance Guide

This is the first year teams can do extensive maintenance and cleaning of their robots between events. Ideally, your robot should be squeaky clean and running at peak performance at the start of each event. We started working on a Maintenance guide to use internally but decided to make it public so that other teams could benefit as well.

X-Ray 2019 Robot and Code

Below are our CAD and Code for our 2019 Robot X-Ray


These are two very rough documents. These are just research docs for two different things we were interested in during the off-season.

  • Large aluminum pneumatic storage tanks
    • For robots that use a large amount of air, these ~2 gallon air tanks can be more weight-efficient than the plastic tanks teams often use.
  • 6" Pneumatic Tires
    • We wanted to find a 6" pneumatic tire that could be used in a dead axle drive setup. There are a lot of great options, some of our notes are in this document.

Other Spectrum Resources



Always great stuff from Spectrum. Thanks @AllenGregoryIV for sharing this with the community!

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Wait, so WD40 PTFE Dry spray is enough for a gearbox? I don’t need to use the tacky grease?

This document did wonders for us in 2019, and I’m glad the edits were helpful. Better to have one dope document than two pretty-good ones. Thank you for all you and Spectrum do!

@AllenGregoryIV , fantastic stuff as always from you guys, I will have to spend some time digging into it all.

I did give this a read already since I helped with our “new” 6 in. pneumatic wheel this fall. One request, could you edit it to be clear which AM hub you are referring to each time you reference it since we have 3 hubs now (8in PC, 8in AL, 6in PC)

After all the testing did you find a favorite that you would use in 2020 if the game called for it?

I mostly meant the 8" plastic hub, but the HD hub should fit most of the same wheels since they are made for the same 8" tire right? I didn’t know the 6" hub existed when we made this. We did add it specifically once it came out.

We didn’t purchase all of them so other people would need to do research, the Urban Treads (the first listing) are what we have on a prototype chassis and we like them so far.

Interesting how you found so many that work on the 8" hub!
Our goal this fall was to find a tire to fit the 6in hub mold that we had from years ago (long story), not to find a 6" tire for the 8" hub. Neat how both had solutions.

Yes and no, it is a bit harder to get the spec tire on the HD hub since it’s not a split hub and you have to force it over a lip, so I could see a tire shape that works fine when squeezed by the plastic hub that was uninstallable on the HD hub. As a rule of thumb, if the ID of the tire is much if any smaller than our spec tire, you will probably have a hard time getting it to work with the HD hub.
Also, for anyone playing at home, don’t bother with the solid foam fake pneumatic wheels. They have none of the properties that FRC wants in pneumatic tires. I would almost rather use Lunacy wheels.

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Are the HYPEBlock to Protopipe converter parts in the current GrabCAD collection or are those somewhere else for download? I can’t seem to locate them. Very excited about using those together. I’ve got protopipe parts cooking on the printer right now. Thank you for putting these out there!

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Sorry about that, I guess it never got updated.


Should be there now.


Thank you for developing and sharing this information with the community. We have used this in the past and continue to review what you have shared.

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