2020 Spring Special F4 CADathon - Results Posted

Hello everyone,

F4 is pleased to announce that we will be hosting our 2020 Spring Special CADathon from 6pm Eastern of Sunday, Apr 12 - 8pm Sunday, Apr 19th. These dates were selected based on the responses from this poll . The live show will be featuring a brand-new panel of judges and will be streamed on April 28th at 7pm eastern on the First Updates Now (FUN) twitch channel!

Watch Live on the 28th : https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow

There will be giveaways for those who watch live, and prizes for winners of various awards. Stay tuned for further information on this.

For those unaware, a CADathon is like a hackathon but with CAD. People/teams are given a short period of time to CAD a specific thing (in this case a robot) ending with a panel of judges selecting a winner. If you would like more information on the CADathon check out our second , third , fourth , fifth , sixth , seventh , or eigth CADathons.

Team information (these rules have been changed for this special CADathon):

  1. The CADathon duration has been increased from 3 days to 1 week.
  2. There will be no limit to CADathon team size IF everyone on the CADathon team is a member of the same FIRST (FRC etc.) team.
  3. For CADathon teams with members of different FIRST teams, we will keep the usual rule of “up to 3 members” (this is to prevent the 10 best CADathon participants from 10 different teams from teaming up and making the competition unfair).
  4. If you are competing solo, but would like to be assigned up to 2 random partners, you can sign up as a “random” in the signup form and we will do our best to match you with a partner using the same software and in a similar timezone.

Submission requirements:

  • Teams will be required to upload a exported STEP file, native CAD files, and any renders they create to a grabCAD workbench.
  • Teams will also submit a google forms “pit scouting document” which will help explain their design to the judges.
  • All files including finals renders need to be submitted by 8pm on April 19th. Once done, the files will be inspected to make sure they adhere to the game rules.

The submissions will be split in thirds and each judge will judge 1/3 of the submissions. Each judge will them submit their top 5-7 teams, and the other two judges will go back and judge those entries. This way the top 15 will have feedback from all 3 judges.

The only prerequisites to join are that you are willing to spend time doing it and that you have access to some CAD software. You can be any age (this is not limited to students) and we encourage everyone from newbies to the most advanced CADers to put their skills to the test. If you are new to CAD and would like to be on a larger team to help yourself learn, please contact us as these will be handled on a case to case basis. If you are interested please sign up at the link below.

Sign Ups close on April 11th at noon but please sign up as soon as you decide to participate.

Sign up form:
Regardless of what type of team you are (solo, 3 man, unlimited FIRST team, etc), ONLY 1 MEMBER OF EACH TEAM SHOULD COMPLETE THE SIGNUP FORM.

If you are competing as a FIRST team, and a member of your team has previously competed in CADathon, the team may use that member’s CADathon team number if they wish, by selecting the “existing team” option.

If you are interested in being a Judge on the show, apply here:

Link to join the CADathon Slack:

Wow thank you to the massive turnout we had last night live! These competitors were amazing and the designs shown were absolutely incredible.

All videos are up on YouTube! In the video descriptions I did put the order that teams are listed for ranks 16-100.

Ranks 1-5: https://youtu.be/odvxDhYNGt0

Ranks 6-15: https://youtu.be/jJ2vtXRY18M

Ranks 16-50: https://youtu.be/XIL8EZkmz6o

Ranks 51-100 Parade: https://youtu.be/jpGOlF14TV4


Good Luck Everyone! Hopefully with everyone’s freetime, there will be some unique designs with this cadathon


I’m excited!


Excited to try my hand at Cadathon, I had a question about how teams do such nice renders. What kind of programs do you use and are there any tutorials?

Keyshot is a favorite.

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I use Solidworks Visualize and had a lot of success, I’ve seen really nice confusion360 renders, and Keyshot makes beautiful images. If you’re feeling like doing a lot of work in return for obscenely high quality renders, blender is a thing that exists.


As much as I hate to say it (I love blender) for high quality cad renders I tend to like software like 3ds max for its better cad import capabilities. To get CAD into blender in a convenient format takes a bunch of annoying conversion (Inventor into 3ds max as .iam and then export .fbx from 3ds into blender). Theres a lot of waiting and general slowness in these conversions so until blender can import more formats I wouldnt necissarily recommend it in this use case.

Just a reminder, signups close today at noonish.

The winners of Caddathons 2,3,4,5,7 and 8 as well as the finalists of 6 use Keyshot. It’s free for FIRST teams and is a great way to make high quality renders quickly.


Do you have the link to where you can download Keyshot for free?


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You email Support@luxion.com and explain that you are a member of a FIRST team looking to use Keyshot. A Keyshot rep will follow up with a download link and instructions on how to obtain a 30 day non- trial license key. The 30 day key can be extended by sending your rep renders made in the program.


not sure if this is allowed but 6328 is going to #openalliance this and post our progress as some practice for next season, feel free to check out the thread here.


Here’s a little teaser for all of you asking for teasers, hope everyone is excited to participate in the 2020 Spring Special CADathon game: GameDay!
(huge thanks to Matt from 1902 for the logo)


Hype train.

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Football game?

I’ve been waiting for a football game for 5 years, one day I’ll get it right.


Looking forward to another awesome CADathon, BUT THIS TIME, I have 2 amazing teammates! 187 Surfs Up! wishes everyone good luck! :call_me_hand:


Team 207 Abra CADabra is excited to participate once again!
We wish everyone else luck!


Presenting the 2020 Spring Special F4 CADathon: GameDay!

Watch the reveal video on youtube: https://youtu.be/dRI4trQ_sCw

You can find the game manual here: https://tinyurl.com/vcfp4lz
Download the Field CAD here: https://tinyurl.com/wv6wh53

For any formal rule clarifications etc. Please ask them via the Q&A form (the form will be closed for the first 30 minutes READ THE MANUAL): https://forms.gle/6EUEsXXjW778CcYp8. And you can view pending and answered questions here: http://shorturl.at/hlyW9

A reminder that CAD files, renders, and pit scouting sheets are due at 8pm EST on Sunday, Apr 19th. Good Luck Teams!