2020 Team Update 07

  • Warning that the FIRST Choice “bonus item” laminated field layout has the wrong color order for the top-down view of the Control Panel
  • H10 blue box wording clarification, I’m pretty sure not actually changing anything but making it a bit more grammatical
  • R28-I You are allowed to apply insulation to motor electrical terminals

The updates are really small this year. Good job GDC!

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We’re in the lull between everybody picking apart the manual for the first time, and the first full field test in a couple weeks and then Week 1 events. Hopefully the updates stay this small after those, too. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what exactly you’re asking… Team Update 06 just added clarification on what FMS would pick for a random color if it couldn’t tell what color it was reading, such as if the sensor was between colors. Team Update 07 was just letting people know that the Control Panel graphic on the Piedmont Plastics laminated field layout included in FIRST Choice Round 2 had the colors in the wrong order on the graphic. It doesn’t impact anything about the field.

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