2020 Team update 10


Zebra is legal everybody!
Also I love how they missed “successfully ROTATION CONTROL”


“POWER CELLS scored during the five (5) seconds after the ARENA timer displays zero (0)
following AUTO earn AUTO points and, if STAGE 1 has been ACTIVATED, count towards

Huh, neat


Am I interpreting this correctly in that they now have a way to lock the generator switch for when teams remove their robots?

Adds more incentive to shoot power cells at the end of auto. That way, if your alliance has already scored 9 power cells in the first 10 seconds or so, you will get auto points for those last-second power cells and they’ll count toward Stage 2.

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  • Details on how they’ll be locking the Generator Switch between matches added to the field drawings
  • Fix of Rotation Control lighting diagram to match the Field Tour. (Thank you Q244 for bringing this up to finally get fixed.)
  • Clarification of Power Cells scored in first five seconds of Teleop (it was how I was interpreting the sentence before; but certainly it’s best to make clearer).
  • Zebra location tracking now legal, exempt from weight, and exempt from cost. (Thank you Q237.)
  • Cost limits are for all configurations as presented for I3 (Thank you Q242.)

So if you already have 9 in auto, any further last second/buzzer beater auto shots get auto points and count towards the next 20 balls scored. Some people talked about purposefully not scoring in Auto past 9 balls to not “waste” the balls and this sort of invalidates that thinking.

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Now you just wait till the end of auto to score your extra power cells.


Only if they go through the sensors after the buzzer.

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The five second grace period (both at end of auto and end of teleop) I suspect is there to give a chance for the balls to get serialized and sent through the sensor. If you shoot at the tail end of auto, it may take several seconds for it to get through and get scored.

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I wonder how long it takes for a ball to get through to the sensor on average?
If you truly do shoot a ball once tele-op starts is it possible for it to be counted within these 5 seconds as an auto shot?

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Best Update so far, IMHO.


Yes, that’s what the General section describes.

Do we know what events will have Zebra?!?!?

Could be beneficial to know for designs… (weren’t some teams complaining last year of a place on the robot to put that thing?)

The list so far:


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