2020 Team Update 12

Looks like another really minor update just to be extra clear on a couple things:

  • R24-C: Cutting to mate pool noodles at corners for bumpers is allowed (as opposed to just any sort of beveling, I guess). Probably inspired by Q281.
  • T1: During measurement time on the field, nothing on the robot is allowed to move.
  • Plus the inspection checklist is available!

Hopefully Team Update 13 next week after Week 0 testing this weekend is just as minor!

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No news is good news as they say

I’m surprised we haven’t seen the audience display yet with this being the last team update before the week 0 competition. If memory serves me right the GDC has released the audience display before week 0 in the past few years.


Last year the first we saw the audience display was the Week Zero event. And everybody hated it so much that FIRST changed it for the actual season (though it’s possible all along that what was at Week Zero was never intended to be the complete final product).


I forgot about the spreadsheet on the scoreboard. Cool idea for scouting, not so great for actually watching.

Should be “working pressure”

So hollow noodles are allowed. Sort of begs the question: "Is there a maximum ID? Maybe we can use inflatable noodle after all!


Someone should submit a question about fans in relation to the new language in T1.


Maybe this will be the screen:

Edit: I hope someone is planning to overlay this on their drive station camera display


I was unimpressed by the wording of this rule.

Oh man, I just submitted our avatar. This would have been perfect!!!

As an avatar it’d likely fall afoul of their rule against using Star Wars IP. (It’d probably be under Fair Use in general, but as FIRST has a specific agreement with Disney to use only certain IP they’d probably not allow it just to try to keep that relationship up.)

I do, however, fully expect that any teams that have a vision-tracking mode or a manually-targeting mode for something like a turret to call their Operator Console switch “turning off the targeting computer”.


Would it be breaking T1 if you manually moved something on the robot?

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If you are using your hand to move something on the robot, you’re not breaking T1. If an actuator on the robot moves something, you’re breaking T1.

It’s intended to prevent robot operation (practice) during the calibration/measurement period, when there are many teams on the field.

If that’s the intent/concern, why not simply require that the robot never be enabled? The problem with the new wording is there’s a bunch of things that can move on a robot as soon as you turn it on (e.g. fans hooked directly to 12V power) or enable it (e.g. the compressor starts running automatically, which is “movement” all by itself, and then as pressure builds up, cylinders can start to move even if not commanded to do so).

Button presses can be read by code in disabled mode, so teams can write test code there that e.g. kicks off camera processing for testing.

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Good question. The “enabled” language first appears in the 2016 Game Manual.

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