2020 Team Update 14

  • C++/Java WPILib Update available (2020.3.2)
  • Not all gaffers tape on field will necessarily be 3M™ Brand
  • “ARENA reset” signal is now called “GENERATOR SWITCH Clear” (as far as I can tell it’s just a name change?)
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Looks like hallry and I posted about the same time.

There’s still a reference to “ARENA reset” in 11.2 Referee Interaction, so I’m not sure if this is saying that there’s an “ARENA reset” signal separate from the “GENERATOR SWITCH Clear” signal, or if it’s just a synonym.

I think the change in wording is so that the time taken to remove robots from the GENERATOR SWITCH is not included in the timeout.


This is basically the correct answer.

Time taken to remove robots from the GENERATOR SWITCH don’t count towards the window to use a timeout/backup robot coupon.


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