2020 Team Update 16


  • How they’re handling the Power Cell carnage
  • GE-20336 has been updated to allow manual unjamming of the Inner Port.
  • Adding “and any partners its supporting” to G15-A

Full text:


    • At some events, we are seeing significant damage to POWER CELLS. While every event is allotted spares for replacement, we have concerns that some events may struggle to keep up with demand. We are addressing this in a few ways. First, we have ordered more game pieces so we can have more replacements available overall. Also, we are providing events a visual reference to use in understanding when game pieces should be replaced and when they can be played. Finally, we are providing instructions for repairing game pieces at events using commonly available adhesives. The adhesive is used only internally to the game piece and will not modify surface characteristics. You can find the information we are providing events here.
      Teams can help in this effort. Please remedy any sharp corners or other characteristics of your robot that may be causing damage to game pieces. Think of the game pieces as a shared resource that your team borrows while your match is being played. Minimizing damage to game pieces is a friendly thing to do for the next teams coming up, and for yourself later in the event!
  • Drawing Updates:
    • The Field Drawings – Season Specific drawing package has been updated with the following change:
      • GE-20336 has been updated to allow manual unjamming of the Inner Port.

Event Manual

No changes

Game and Season Manual

7.2.3 Zone Specific Restrictions

G15-A. During the ENDGAME, don’t mess with the opponent’s GENERATOR SWITCH. During the ENDGAME, a ROBOT may not contact, either directly or transitively through a POWER CELL, the opponent’s GENERATOR SWITCH.

Violation: Any opponents ROBOTS contacting their GENERATOR SWITCH when the violation occurred, and any partners its supporting, will be considered HANGING, and the opponent’s GENERATOR SWITCH will be considered LEVEL.


From the blogpost


Wonder how well the adhesive will hold up to the compression applied by many robot this year.

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I’ve used this fabric glue before, and it definitely dried hard. I highly recommend everyone tear and then glue a power cell to make sure their shooter can accommodate it.

Links from the blog post:

The approved adhesive can be purchased in store at the following retailers:
Michaels (Craft Store): https://www.michaels.com/aleenas-fabric-fusion/M10429007.html
JOANN Fabrics and Crafts: https://www.joann.com/aleene-s-fabric-fusion-permanent-adhesive/8595175.html
Walmart: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Aleene-s-Permanent-Fabric-Fusion-Adhesive-4-Fl-Oz/17299874
Home Depot may carry it: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Aleene-s-4-oz-Fabric-Fusion-Permanent-Fabric-Adhesive23473/205748590

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For those of you addicted to Amazon Prime like me: https://www.amazon.com/Aleenes-Fabric-Fusion-Permanent-Adhesive/dp/B00178QSE6


Cheaper and I don’t have to interact with another human? What’s not to love‽
besides the rube goldberg machine of human suffering




Do you mean terrifying?


First, we have ordered more game pieces so we can have more replacements available overall.

this part is encouraging, the rest is indeed terrifying!


I can’t help but shake my head as team after team is asking on the Q&A about the legality of devices that would reduce the damage to the PCs and the GDC keeps saying “no” to each and every one of them. And then we get this.

I understand the GDCs position and the need to keep the playing field level. But it really is a shame that teams are coming up with very creative engineering solutions to a problem and being told they can’t implement it.

It seems like, given that the rules also encourage you to not damage the field, that there would have been good reason to allow and even encourage such designs.

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What designs are you referencing? I wasn’t aware of questions / solutions like that being asked in the Q&A. Now I’m interested :thinking:

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Q226 (Dry Film Lubricant on bumpers) and the follow-on Q228 and Q229, Q335 (Soft Guards on bumpers) and Q302 (use of dry film lubricant on drop down shields) are some that come to mind.

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Interesting proposals. But for Q335 I don’t see whats stopping teams from implementing this on the robot side instead of the bumpers.

Q226 I can certainly see as an issue because it would affect bumper to bumper interactions. Same reasoning for why your bumper fabric needs to be a consistent material throughout.

Drop down shields are neat but I’m sure teams can find materials that are already slick enough. Alternatively, there are other ways of repelling balls that are more… active :grin:

Allowing lubricants of any type seems like a can of worms considering they could effect the ball interaction with various shooters. I’d rather not see lubricants at all than have my team be able to use them.

The problem with implementing a guard on the robot side as opposed to the bumper side is that the robot is already on top of the power cell before the guard becomes useful.

I fear many teams (including my own) are worried that actively repelling balls may be ruled as a violation of G6

Some of the dry film rulings can be overcome by buying this:

The word “lubricant” is nowhere on the can.

technically incorrect, it does say lubricant in one place…


Well it’s still not marketed as a lubricant, just made by a company that happens to make other products which are lubricants.

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