2020 Top-down Orthographic field views

Somewhat early this year thanks to working STEP CADs, these are full field views for teams to use during the 2020 season with no markings or signage. New this year are two different versions, named for the render engine used. It was a split decision on discord for which to choose, so both are available for use.

  • Cycles: Old system used, more realistic look.

  • Eevee: Recently released on Blender 2.8, more cartoon looking but the render times are seconds instead of an hour at 8k.

All images are hosted on Google Drive and can be found here. As of posting, the 1440p/4k Cycles renders are still going, so theyre not included just yet.

If you use this in any public facing setting, please do give credit back to this thread.

If youre interested in different colors of the carpet/background for whatever reason, feel free to ask here and i can whip it up. Please include Colors, Dimensions, and Render type, otherwise it will default to 1080p/Eevee.


I may have a use for these :thinking:


Realtime baby!

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