2020 vs 2022 registered teams

Anyone have a list of 2020 registered teams as well as 2022 registered teams? Wanting to compare those in our region and thinking maybe someone already did this and not have to duplicate effort.

Using the Statbotics REST API, you can query the number of teams that competed in at least one event for a given year and region.

Ex: Number of North Carolina Teams:

Alternatively you can query the Statbotics Python API

import statbotics

sb = statbotics.Statbotics()

print(2020, len(sb.get_team_years(year=2020, country="USA", state="NC")))
print(2022, len(sb.get_team_years(year=2022, country="USA", state="NC")))

Let me know if this is what you are looking for, and if I can provide any additional documentation. I am working on Excel files that will hopefully simplify ad-hoc searches.

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