2020 wpilib

Anyone know the planned release date of the 2020 WPILIB? Is it Jan 4, or will it be released earlier? THX

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Technically, WPILib 2020 is already publicly available for beta testing. However, you can’t use it without a private beta RoboRIO image.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for Kickoff to get WPILib 2020 working.


In a real robot. You can create robot code & run it on your desktop now - I have. There are some changes to the APIs that you may want to rewrite for and test out.



You can use some of the rewrite features on real robots right now using Oblarg’s jitpack fork: https://github.com/Oblarg/command-rewrite-jitpack


Is there a way of spoofing the roborio to accept the newer version somehow, or is it just not possible? Also does the simulation gui work?

It is just not possible to deploy beta libraries to a 2019 image. You will have both symbol errors because the fpga namespace changes, and the compiler updated and broke compatibility.

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Unfortunate. Thanks for letting me know.

Team 294 was able to get the Java wpilib 2020 Beta-3 package working (in limited testing) in a 2019 installation. I posted details in this thread:

I’m having trouble building wpiutil with cmake in Windows. It looks like the MatBuilder.java stuff relies on Nat, which looks to be part of what build.gradle generates in wpiutil/build/generated/java/edu/wpi/first/wpiutil/math/numbers.

Or perhaps I’m jumping the gun and something will be released on kickoff that fixes it?

[  0%] Building Java objects for wpiutil_jar.jar
D:\bbb_2020\allwpilib-tw1c3b0t\wpiutil\src\main\java\edu\wpi\first\wpiutil\math\MatBuilder.java:21: error: cannot find symbol
  private final Nat<R> m_rows;

Why I’m bothering in the first place: I’m targeting a BeagleBone Blue, not the RoboRIO.

Hmm, the cmake build I thought we made generate those, but maybe we didn’t and I need to fix it. Master should build currently.

If you don’t need Java, you can skip Java with -DWITHOUT_JAVA=ON

Thanks Thad. I have the generated files from the gradle build, so I can hack cmake if I have to and wedge them back in. The BeagleBone will be running Java, so I can’t skip it.