2021 Beach Bot Battle Gulfport Mississippi


The 4th Annual Mississippi Power Beach Bot Battle will be hosted on October 1 & 2, at the Gulfport High School, Gulfport Mississippi. Registration is $275 before August 1st and $375 thereafter.

A second robot is allowed for an additional $100 if slots are available. Second robots will only be allowed to be a 2nd pick for playoffs, Regardless of Ranking.

Load in will be from 12 PM to 6 PM on October 1, a beach BBQ and Bonfire is included with registration and will begin at 7 PM. Teams may elect to load in first thing on October 2, between 8 AM and 9 AM. Opening ceremonies will begin at 9:30 AM.

Covid-19 precautions will mirror the State of Mississippi and Gulfport School District guidelines.

Teams that register via this survey will be emailed an invoice to the email address you list below. Payment can be made via PayPal or Check/Money Order.

Register at https://forms.gle/KuiFAekKRDWw3am3A

FYI, the Gulfport School District has used the CDC guidelines since the beginning of the pandemic, however we reserve the right to be more restrictive if we determine the need.


Thank you for being one of the responsible events following CDC guidelines (and bonus for being later in the year). Genuinely nice to see people actually caring about the pandemic :pray: .



I’ve been a vocal critic in other event threads, but I’m glad to see a team planning for a safe return to normalcy by following expert guidance. Looking forward to watching this event when it happens!


This seems like it could really throw a wrench in how alliance selection works, and possibly incentivize sandbagging and other ranking shenanigans. What is the reason for this?

If the goal is to keep a single team from coming in and picking itself and having 2 of the 3 winning robots be from the same team, couldn’t the rule instead be that a team cannot pick its second robot?


Fair point, The goal is for every “1st” bot to have a better shot at being an alliance captain than a 2nd robot.

We will definitely consider adding similar language as you suggested to the rule.

I wouldn’t add the language I wrote, I meant it more to replace the rule you have in place.

I just think the rule you have as is opens the door to a lot of weird things that could happen. If there’s that much of a desire to not allow 2nd teams to be captains (I don’t really understand why this is the case) then I would just not allow 2nd teams. But I feel like it’s best to just let it play like a normal event, with the provision that 1st teams can’t pick their 2nd teams if there is a concern of 1 or 2 teams dominating the events by picking themselves.

Clint - Pencil me in as a volunteer!

It seems you tried to put this in place to allow 1st robots more play. However, pushing back 2nd teams to second pick still boxes out a similar subsection of teams, those in the 18-24 ranges.


I believe in year’s past both you and Daniel at RSR had a rule where all 1st robots who want to / are capable of playing elims (i.e. not fatally broken) will be included in the draft pool, and then only as many 2nd robots can be picked as to fill out a bracket. As a team planning to attend both events this year with hopefully 2 bots, we thought that rule made sense. As an example. suppose you have 22 1st bots at the event. You would only allow a max of 2 2nd bots to be picked into elim alliances (whether decided by qualifying rank or just by whichever 2 get picked 1st). This would guarantee no 1st bot is being excluded from elims for a 2nd bot. We would be OK with such a rule again.

As to when the 2nd bot can be picked, restricting when a 2nd bot can be picked causes issues IMO. For example, if there is a very good 2nd bot, but you restrict 2nd bots to being 2nd picks/3rd on alliance the 8th seed is WAY better than the 7th seed. This has actually occurred at events.

My recommendation would be to have 2nd bots be restricted from being alliance captain (make sure some other team gets that opportunity), and no alliance can pick both robots from the same team (unless of course it’s the very last pick by alliance 1 and there is no other robot left).

Looking forward to your event (as well as Red Stick Rumble).


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+1. I don’t recall if it happened at B³, but at RSR 2018 (Power Up), 3039’s second team picked sixth and survived until the finals.

This seems like worst case, as now the #1 and #2 alliances will get potentially two of the best robots at the event as their third robots since those robots weren’t eligible to be picked until all 22 1st team robots were picked. GG’s to the other 6 alliances, they are about to get destroyed.

I don’t see how this is any different/better then what the rules currently are and the issues it has.

I think this is going to have to be a game day decision, depending on how many teams and 2nd bots we get. The goal is to have all the 1st robots in the playoffs before any of the 2nd robots make it.


Assuming this aligns with HQ’s approval process?

Basically, I’m asking will this event be seeking an official sanction? (Though I assume adherence to local ordinances is at least a factor in their decision making process)

Why not adjust your bracket/alliance structure so that every team that wants to play in the playoffs gets picked?


I think you misunderstand my proposal. I am NOT saying the 2nd bots can’t be picked until last (I agree this is VERY problematical), I am saying before alliance selection starts you compute the number of 2nd bots that MAY be picked. This may require a survey of teams to make sure how many 1st bots are capable of playing (i.e. not broken). Those 2nd robots can be picked in any position (except by their teammate bot). What it insures in the example is that exactly 2 2nd bots will get to play in elims, not at which alliance spot.

As a real world example where the “2nd bots are picked last” breaks down I give you The 2018 Red Stick Rumble off season event. That event restricted the top 8 robots from picking each other. In that event we had 2 bots entered (2992 our primary bot and 9992 which was our practice bot/clone). 9992 was seeded a bit lower due to a technical issue during qualifications, but would have likely been a 1st pick of an alliance captain. 2992 was #1 pick of alliance 2. 9992 ended up being the 4th bot of alliance 5 and the 1st of 4 2nd bots picked (they picked 4th bots so everyone would be on an alliance). Though it was the 3rd pick, it was one of the stronger bots on the alliance. It didn’t work out to skew the event results though, as 9992 with a rookie driver flipped during its QF match (the only time all year we fell over during a match with either bot). As the 4th bot, it was decided to have 9992 sit out the 2nd QF insuring all other bots got to play.

Please read the whole initial post.

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I think this is the solution.

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That does not answer my question if you will be seeking HQ approval for this off season.

If you were I was going to ask if you’ve reached out and how you’ve found the process.

I think you were reading into this something more than curiosity about the process and how it is impacting event planning.

Ok, Sorry I misunderstood your post.

I have filled out the AndyMark questionnaire and request for dates and I am waiting to hear back from them on the next steps. I assume that AndyMark will let us know what is required when FIRST HQ tells them.


No worries.

I may have assumed that the timing of this announcement being after the recent blog post talking about their “official offseasons” stuff was pertinent.

Would love to hear the process as it unfolds if you guys are up to it. Transparency helps everyone here imho.