2021 Championship Locations Announced

A similar situation - The Pistons left the Palace of Auburn Hills to play at the new LCA downtown. They are now tearing down the Palace. Without a sports team, they can’t make it. They played out the existing scheduled events after the Pistons announced the move. But then shut off the lights.


Having gone through 2 of them… The first year in a new venue is always painful. They don’t (admittedly diffcult.) work out logistics of loading the teams in and out. Or even the best lay out of the building.

Going back to one champs will means substantially fewer teams with the opportunity to go. I don’t see First changing that. I do admit that the full champ had a better atmosphere. The companies that exhibit often have to make a choice as to which champs they go to. The full champs were more fun with all of them in one place.


A bit sad to see, but not unexpected. FIRST may have been locked into this choice to avoid cancellation fee for this year.

That said I do hope they start rotating champ locations. If we are going going to be stuck in convention centers for the foreseeable future, might as well give more teams the chance to be a “home” team for champs and to mix up the team split now and then.

At TCF (Cobo) Detroit, the facility is not available because it’s a COVID hospital. They could hardly charge a cancellation fee for something that’s not available.


2 Champs / 1 City


Do we have a place large enough?

back to back weekends not concurrently

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Oh of course.
This quarantine not letting me think straight


Detroit means easy access to the Lafayette Coney Island, which is clearly the most important factor when evaluating championship locations.


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