2021 FIRST Global Challenge Announcement -- Discover & Recover

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In the past year we have all been touched by difficult challenges in various aspects of our lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this time has also shown that STEM provides critical answers to COVID-19 and other major events. In that spirit, the 2021 FIRST Global Challenge focuses on advancing new ways STEM can prioritize practical solutions and counter the effects of the challenges youth and their communities continue to face across the world. The Challenge runs for 12 weeks and consists of three main components.

[Note that this will be 100% virtual.]

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I think my students and I are virtual challenged out…


Same :confused:
We are having a very serious talk about what happens if there’s no in person next year


Personally, I’m pretty confident that at least in the US, live events will be back for 2022. It will be interesting to see what happens with off-season events between now and then.

Worldwide, it’s somewhat harder to be as confident, but FIRST Global is normally held late Summer / early Fall, and that’s at least 15 months out (for FGC 2022). I’m cautiously optimistic that an in-person FGC can be held by then. Time will tell.

I’m told there’s going to be a thing where FTC/FRC teams can partner with an international FGC team. This kind of virtual interaction might be a good experience, but I totally get virtual burnout. The idea is to provide remote assistance, but this type of arrangement can be a great way to broaden ones horizons, so to speak. I suppose there might have been more ideal circumstances to launch this sort of thing…


We’ve collectively learned that you don’t have to meet physically, in person, to make progress.

We’ve also collectively learned that trying to make progress while never meeting in person is, in most cases, very non-optimal.

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