2021 FTC Remote Asia Pacific Open Championship

Hi FTC Community,

Applications are now underway for both international and domestic teams to participate in the Asia Pacific Open Championship 2021, “remote” from Sydney, Australia (9 - 11 July 2021).

Teams will be drawn by lotteryand awarded one of 40 team spots.
Each team must have access to an Ultimate Goal half-field at minimum**to participate remotely in this event.

Application Requirements

At the end of the Google form (application), you will be asked the following three queries, so please prepare these in advance before you start the application process. Please use 1000 words or less for the first and second queries. For the third query, please paste a link to a (one minute maximum) YouTube video showcasing your FTC Ultimate Goal robot. This can be a private or public link but must showcase the robot that intend to use in the APOC 2021 FTC Ultimate Goal game.

  • Provide details of your team’s FIRST/STEM community outreach philosophy, goals and accomplishments.

  • How is diversity represented in your team and/or how is your team unique?

  • Paste link to YouTube video showcase of your robot.

For full details, application links and schedule, please visit this page:

Teams selected via the lottery will be notified, sent a payment link for completion to reserve spot in competition and upon receipt of payment, will be shipped a box of APOC participant tee shirts and lapel pins to commemorate the event!


Thanks for letting us know, I will send this information to all FTC teams from Brazil.

Hey there, can the info still be sent?

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