2021 Infinite Recharge Game Change Ideas

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I want to be able to go to Xfinity Live! again


I don’t know that this fear actually played out in the week 1/2 competitions.
For example, the 1982 bot was primarily used as a defense bot for the winning alliance at Greater Kansas City and they typically only got about 1 penalty per match while being a pretty darn effective defense.

Also [was this a change?] rule G11 says “ROBOTS in violation of G10 are exempt from this rule.” So it seems to me that you can’t get both at once.

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Some random, unspecified time during the match or some sort of interaction with the color wheel that forces the opposing alliance to dump all of their balls onto the field. This would create a made rush for power cell scoring that would be very interesting to watch. I think it would add another level of excitement to the game because everyone watching would be waiting for that one moment, especially in the finals or high level gameplay. If this happens, then take away the loading zone fouls for a certain time period while it happens.


Why not both alliances at the same time?

We could get a little come-from-behind winning action:)

My fear was that an excessive number of matches this season would be influenced by penalties. This largely came to fruition as 2020 had the largest proportion of matches since 2014 “decided” by fouls, in the sense that the actual winner differed from the unpenalized winner:

Year Matches “decided” by fouls
2012 5.3%
2013 4.4%
2014 11.1%
2016 5.2%
2017 5.6%
2018 3.8%
2019 7.0%
2020 8.5%

2012-2014 source*: Week4 Twitter data analyses
2016+ source: https://github.com/inkling16/MiscellaneousStatisticsProjects/raw/master/RP%20strengths.xlsx

I’ll concede that things weren’t as bad as 2014, and thank goodness for that. But that’s a pretty low bar to clear, and 2014 had both subjective foul complaints and high point values, whereas there is not as much subjectivity concern this season.

2020 is still far too high for my taste, especially when I see better alternative structures.

*In the wise words of Ether, the usual twitter data caveats apply.


I agree, but there would have been higher match scores had the season been played out.

i knew id see a bike wheel in FRC eventually, just never imagined it being the main shooting component… noice


I bow to your superior data, sir. :wink:

Are those 2012-2019 numbers from just weeks 1-2 or the entire season? I suspect the percent of matches decided by fouls peaks in week 1 as teams are learning more about the rules and scoring less.


Foul impact drops a bit in later weeks, but the relative ordering of seasons remains consistent in both methods.

Year weeks 1-2 full season (Weeks 1-4 for 2012-2014) difference
2012* No data 5.3%
2013* 4.6% 4.4% -0.2%
2014* 11.9% 11.1% -0.8%
2016 5.9% 5.2% -0.7%
2017 6.4% 5.6% -0.8%
2018 4.0% 3.8% -0.2%
2019 7.0% 7.0% 0.0%
2020 8.5% 8.5% 0.0%

Source: https://github.com/inkling16/MiscellaneousStatisticsProjects/raw/master/penalty_investigator_v4.xlsm

I could not find a good twitter data source for 2012. If anyone knows of a good centralized location for 2009-2014 twitter data please point me toward it.

*The usual twitter data caveats apply


Manipulate control panel more - I don’t think I saw a single match where an alliance scored enough to be able earn points by manipulating it, and most teams worked a control panel manipulator into their bot.

It just seems they put a LOT of effort into that control panel for the game, and when the META was just keep scoring game pieces and ignore it, if you HAD to manipulated it at least to continue to the next stage, it would at least shift the META.

According to TBA it was spun 79 times this year out of 23.5k matches. So it technically was used.

I’m guessing we should shoot for a higher percentage than 0.34% LOL

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To be fair, that’s typical of tertiary objectives in early weeks; by Week 2 in 2017, Rotor 4 was spun 14 times (0.35%) in Quals and 17 times in Playoffs (1.9%). It’s a hard objective to hit 29/49 power cells, but if the game had progressed, so would team’s ability to score them, particularly with the lack of bag meaning more teams could have the chance to tune their actual bot.

That’s exactly my point - it seems that they spent a really good effort into the control panel - even providing all teams with the sensors and code to be able to use it, and motors that just so happen to be geared perfectly for the rpm threshold, and it’s not META.

I would like to see the use to be mandatory in order to keep scoring power cells: 9/turn/20/color/20/turn or color. It likely won’t happen, but it just seems a shame.

That’s funny. I was planning on an auto that would fire our piston if we scored all 9 balls, but i forgot that using the CP would be an additional 20 more balls, and not right after auton.

The plan was the robot would fire the piston if we scored the 9 balls, and when teleop begins, we’d just drive to the CP and spin.

I would like to see this implemented.