2021 Interviews

Has anyone been contacted yet by FRC for their interview schedule? Our team hasn’t so I’m wondering if I should worry, or just plan on a later date.

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We’ve been contacted for Dean’s List and Chairman’s interviews, but not yet for IC, GDC, or Robot judging.

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Your Dean’s List/Chairman’s interviews ought to be run through FIM.
As for FRCAH, GDC, or IC, we have not heard anything from HQ yet either.

Training for the Game Design judging isn’t til today.

No firm date yet but our JA for IRaH has contacted us and said that interviews may start as soon as next Friday for our group.

We had Deans list today and chairmans next week

It will depend on a combination of what challenges/awards you have submitted for, where you’re from (for traditional awards), and what division you’re in (for IR@H).

As an Ontario team, we have our time for our CA and DL interviews confirmed, but nothing for our GDC submission yet in the Carbon group.

As an update:
CA and DL have been scheduled, we are a district team.
2 of the 3 virtual challenges we opted in have been scheduled.
We are waiting on the last one (Game Design).
There was a 1 to 2 week advance notice from email to proposed interview date.

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I wish we could find out sooner than later, when our team’s scheduled interviews are.
Its not like we can just all meet together for a random date/time.
Our students dont even all go school on the same day, and it takes even more coordination for us to all meet due to the pandemic.


we just got our time early this morning, exactly 1 week notice.

Same, we just got ours today and scheduled for Saturday

We’re a regional team. So far, Chairman’s is scheduled (we got almost 3 weeks notice!) but nothing else, Dean’s List included. However, I’ve heard from one of our judge advisors already to narrow down possible times. We’re in for all 3 at home challenges.

I can say that as a remote event judge this year, I know that some judge advisors have only recently gotten their panels and teams assigned. Trainings occurred over the weekend. I’d assume there’s a flurry of emails coming in the next couple days to assign interview slots.


What are the IR@H interviews going to look like? anyone know?

Check out section 2.3.4 “Interview Process” in the game manual. Basically, 12 minutes total of interview time. Up to 7 minutes of presentation by the team, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. There will be 2 or 3 judges talking with the team. Screen sharing is allowed.

Thanks all. We received our interview date late last night.

We have, so far, I think, only received for IR@H

I have a lot of questions about interviews too. We have our IR@H interview this weekend. We got about a weeks notice- which is great. No word on Innovation or GD. Anyone know the answers to these questions:
When do we find out when our interview is?
How much notice do we get?
We have Spring Break 3/27-4/4, is there anyone I can tell that to so we can schedule around that?
I would love to see a Team Update that addresses this.

Can only tell you what we saw for our interviews:

The Judge Advocate (JA) for your group gives proposes a date and time.
For one we had one week notice, for the other it was two weeks.

We had to reschedule one and in the form that they ask you to respond on it requested you give alternated date/time suggestions for that weekend.
For the other, we didn’t have to reschedule but on the form it just asked for alternate date/time if you needed to reschedule.

For one we saw only our interview data/time in our email.
For the other we saw the interview data/time for all 10 teams presumably being judged by the same set of judges. They were split over 2 consecutive Saturdays.
We were on the second Saturday, hence the 2 week notice.

For one the JA sent a “preliminary email” a few days in advance stating “interviews could be starting as soon as …”
For the other we just got an email saying “here’s the date/time”

Hope that helps.

I’m not certain when your other interviews will be scheduled. I am working as a judge on the IR@H and we are doing our best to work around any schedule conflicts with teams. We have had a few teams that are on spring break or simply cannot meet on the original proposed date. We are working to find and agreeable solution for all. The judges and judge advisors are trying to work with everyone to make sure the interview times are acceptable. It is a pretty big challenge with teams around the globe, spring break, judges work schedules, etc…

We have heard nothing (for the “At Home” interview; we didn’t submit for Chairman’s, Dean’s or WF). I’ve been checking spam. Really hope I haven’t missed something. Anyone else in Potassium Group been contacted?