2021 Kickoff date

The first Saturday in January in 2021 is the 2nd. In the past, would they have the kickoff that close to New Years or would they have the kickoff on the 9th?

I am applying for a sabbatical and I want to make sure I am back in time for build season.



In 2016 they pushed it back to the ninth.

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Thank you

Looks like FIRST Rio Grande Valley listed kickoff on January 2, 2021, per https://portal.firstrgv.org/event/frc-kick-off/. Might just be a placeholder for now.

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Hopefully there is a kickoff


FIRST Washington is also listing FRC Kickoff on Jan 2, 2021.

Also holding out hope that there will be a 2021 kickoff, whether on Jan 2 or Jan 9.

Interesting that its on the 2nd. Previous years seemed to of avoid it to account for travel.

something something covid strikes again

I don’t think it was so much travel, but that schools would not be open from break yet. Many of the kickoff sites are at schools.

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While plans certainly could have changed, I emailed FRC team support back in January about this and here’s the response I received:

Thank you for your email. You are correct, the 2021 FIRST® Robotics Competition Kickoff event will be held on Saturday January 9, 2021.

We hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions.


FIRST® Robotics Competition Team Support


Did you also see it on their website?

Nope- that’s why I had emailed them. Unfortunately it is still not posted on the website either (at least not where I could find it).

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