2021 Rule change speculations?

With FRC hopefully starting back up soon, what does everyone think are going to be the potential rule changes? I feel like it’s just going to be minor changes such as reallocating points to incentivize certain objectives (cough cough colour wheel) but would love to hear a wider spread of opinions.

Check this thread here- 2021 Infinite Recharge Game Change Ideas


I’ll be surprised if we see anything done to the game itself. They’ve said that they won’t make any changes that would affect robot designs, and there’s not a whole lot they can change that wouldn’t affect robot designs. I do think we’ll see a lot of changes to the non-game portions of the manual to accommodate for the unusual circumstances of the 2021 season.

Tier List:


Small Balances in rule and change in points to change strategy

Wish List:

Wheel of Fortune (Powerups)

  • Hold more balls in the human player station or robot (doubt)
    *Bonus points while scoring or climb.
    *Different rp like maybe have both teams spin it for a certain amount of time for rp.

As much as I would love to see robots holding more balls, that would really screw over teams that won’t be able to do any kind of rebuild.

I’ve said this in other places but I’ll put it here, I really hope climbing gets nerfed. 90 points for a triple + balanced climb??? That’s a lot and I would know…


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