2021 Season Long Fantasy FIRST: The Delay

As some of you may have noticed, this thread is… a bit late. I blame the winner of the 2020 SLFF league, one COVID.

The short version:
We still don’t know if there will be a 2021 SLFF season. I’m waiting on FIRST HQ to publish their plan, and any scheduled events. Said scheduled events may or may not happen (see also: COVID). So it’s not worth making any plans until we know what FIRST is going to do with FRC.

The LONG version:
Even with no currently-scheduled events, there’s work to do, and planning for 2022. The annual rules debate, improvements to league operations, etc. So here’s a couple of discussion topics:

  1. Single-tier/multi-team drafting, is that here to stay or chuck it out?
  2. Automation–it’s gotta be available.
  3. One thing that came up last year, just not sure how to get it into the rulebook: Should there be a code of conduct (more formal than a “if the (defined) Powers that Be tell you to knock it off, knock it off”, and if so, should there be penalties for violations?
  4. Another item: Is the boot threshold (2/3 of the last 3 drafting days) now too low, or is it just right? Should it be lower? Should we change it to slap you with auto-random teams and bar you from the next season’s league instead? (Also KO’s a lot of waiver headache…)

Yep, that’s right. We’re discussing changing the league, NOT signing up. But… If you are interested in this, here’s a poll…

  • Interested
  • What’s this?
  • Not interested
  • It depends (explain below)

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In all seriousness, although I was not super involved in the league, I did have some comments I wanted to make.

Single-tier/multi team: This felt really tedious to me during OFF and when I ran like 2 drafts and it caused drafts to run on, at least to me - don’t know if anyone else felt the same way.

I would like to mention that I believe the biggest obstacle to getting more teams involved is the time commitment, and having smaller, tiered drafts like those in OFF produces more active participation.

no comment on this

I think this should be up to the discretion of the draft runner, like how it was in the aftermath of bexi2, with the stipulation that we should try to keep things civil.

I like your suggestion of auto-randoms and barring from the next season, if things stay the way they are.

Personal Suggestion

I think the way OFF drafts are conducted, with efficiency scoring, participation scores, etc and “sign up for the events you want to draft”, is way more productive in terms of getting people involved in SLFF if we were to do it in a regular season. You can still have team affiliations and all (maybe have a specific individual designated before draft randomization as the official team rep for that draft so you can have multiple members participate if they want?) and add points up at the end, but I think that the time commitment required for SLFF is unsustainable, especially with FIRST’s growth. I know its drastically changing the way the game is played, however there’s always a yearly team or two who sign up not knowing what they signed up for, thinking they just want to draft like 3 or 4 events, and end up bogged down with a bunch of other drafts that they really didn’t want to do (Hello, ULCAN!). And I don’t think we want them to be discouraged, but its what ends up happening because they think they can handle it when they really can’t.

edit: also like I’d need a team maybe who knows

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BRIAN will return, given the right circumstances. Waiting to see what the new season looks like if it happens before I make any decisions.

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QD will exist and at a minimum will change “2020” to “2021” in our code and see what happens


MARIO’s take on the 2021 season


All y’all have probably seen the HQ announcement. Given the text thereof:

The SLFF League will not be playing in 2021 as a league.

We’ll see you in the fall of 2021, COVID permitting!

But wait, there’s more!
In the event that events do pop up, anybody that wants to draft them is free to draft them as independent events, or as a league, or however. I wouldn’t mind doing all the MI events as a league, for example. Or if we figure out how to handle the Skills Challenge, we could run a couple drafts like that. I’m thinking we do this for FUN not for the grind this year.

And, as per usual, it’s time to take suggestions for improvements. See above.


MARIO has decided to issue a statement regarding cancellation of both the 2021 SLFF and FRC seasons. Statement follows, collapsed for brevity.

Statement on the 2021 Season


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