2021 Shirt Trading Thread

Hello all and welcome to the 2021 FRC Trading thread!

This year is a little different, since we won’t really be seeing in-person events. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to trade though!



And I’ll kick off the thread I guess!

Looking for

  • 1678 hat
  • 4488 polo (L)


  • Running an auction that ends tomorrow night! Auction here. This data will get added to the spreadsheet once it’s wrapped up :slight_smile:
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Yay I was waiting for this to get created…

Here’s my list:

I’m looking mainly for stuff from most good teams. I’m happy to ship!

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Here is the link to my trading spreadsheet. Feel free to make any offers, I will ship within the US. A dream trade would be for a 1519 tie dye sweatshirt. Shay's FIRST Iventory Stock - Google Sheets

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I am slowly getting out of trading as I’ve ended up with all the stuff I wanted (and perhaps some extra), but always willing to ship for something of interest.

Trading: 217 L hoodie, 254 M shirt, 254 M black shirt, 585 M shirt, 3132 M shirt, 3310 M shirt, 3847 L, and plenty beyond.

Specifically looking for: 1114 hoodie and toque (I mean, gotta match 2056), 4613 tshirt, 968 15 years, and #IFIgang stuffs if you ordered it.

I also still have some carts of the NES game hack I made for 2018:

And #temNASUH hoodies and shirts

My wishlist has definitely been dwindling over the years, so mostly high-profile items and the local teams I’m still trying to grab (size small or medium): 148 polo, IFI shirt, 7524, 118 black t-shirt, 3847, 5026, 4, 207, 867, 2659, 4501

I am always open to other offers though and am also quite happy to sell.

Here’s my spreadsheet:

Hey y’all, I am looking for Medium size items.

Here are my offers:

Some teams I’m looking for include: 2056, 1986, 1678, 1477 (hoodie), 624, 341 (jacket), 195, 125, 27 (jacket).

Feel free to PM me and we can arrange the shipping.

PS: Thank you @BryceHanson for creating the handy guide to ship items.

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Looking to trade some of my sweatshirts
spreadsheet is here

Here is my spreadsheet. DM me on discord (Steggs#4414) or CD

Looking mainly for T-Shirts, but open to trading hoodies as well. My wishlist is in my sheet, linked below. Feel free to reach out on Discord (kaitlynmm569#9959).

Shirt Inventory

Just throwing my sheet out again. I would still love a 1519 sweatshirt or 2017 volunteer shirt! Shay's FIRST Iventory Stock - Google Sheets

Might as well share my sheet again, though international shipping is probably more trouble than its worth. If any Israelis are interested in trading feel free to hmu

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I’ll be at the Israeli offseason competition on Thursday if anyone wants to trade. My list is here.

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Mine as well throw my sheet out again. I would love previous Worlds Volunteer shirts or a 1519 sweatshirt. If anyone has offers, feel free to DM me. I will ship within the US.

Hey all, looking to empty out my closet, so I’m selling the following shirts:

FIRST Global    Volunteer Shirt    M
WOW Championship 2018    Event Shirt    M
FIRST Power Up    Volunteer Shirt    M
DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE    Volunteer Shirt    M
291    Creativity in Action    2019 Shirt    M
3341    Option 16    2019 Shirt    M
4013    Clockwork Mania    2019 Shirt    M
4467    Titanium Titans    2018 Shirt    M
4467    Titanium Titans    2019 Black Shirt    M
5414    Pearadox    2018 Themed Shirt    M
5431    Titan Robotics    2019 Shirt    M
5549    Gryphon Robotics    2018 Shirt    M
5740    Trojanators    2018 Shirt    M
-    WVROX    2018 Volunteer Shirt    M
971    Spartan Robotics    2019 Black Shirt    M
2046    Bear Metal Robotics    2018 Shirt    M
2168    Aluminum Falcons    Trading Shirt    M
3128    Aluminum Narwhals    2020 Fan Shirt    M
3847    Spectrum    Team Shirt    M
4028    The Beak Squad    2019 Shirt    M
4201    The Vitruvian Bots    2018 Mantis Shirt    M
4201    The Vitruvian Bots    2019 Carbon Shirt    M
5803    Apex Robotics    2019 Shirt    M
5883    Spice Gears    Team Shirt    M
2614    Mountaineer Area RoboticS    2019 Team Jersey    M
330    The Beach Bots    2016 Robot Commemorative    YM
330    The Beach Bots    2016 Robot Commemorative    YM

Willing to let go of these for pretty cheap prices in bundles. Reach out through DMs or on Discord (mxc#9999) to set something up!

If you’d like to make offers (unlikely to take them rn) on my other stuff, my spreadsheet is here:

Happy trading!

Looking for wishlist items

That’s my shirt list (wishlist is inside)

Hey yall, I’m looking for pretty much anything to trade because I’m new to FRC shirt trading. I wear large and I can currently trade a 3506 shirt from 2020(polo) and the 2019(jersey) version too.

Hi there! I am interested in your inventory but can open the spreadsheet of yours. I guess the link is broken, can you please share it again.

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Hey everyone! Looking for some of the usual suspects like 1114, 1241, 4039 and 2056. If you’re selling, please check in my wishlist section. If you’re trading then anything with a positive number under tradeability is on the table. If you want to buy, anything has its price.