2021 Shirt Trading Thread

Hello all and welcome to the 2021 FRC Trading thread!

This year is a little different, since we won’t really be seeing in-person events. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to trade though!



And I’ll kick off the thread I guess!

Looking for

  • 1678 hat
  • 4488 polo (L)


  • Running an auction that ends tomorrow night! Auction here. This data will get added to the spreadsheet once it’s wrapped up :slight_smile:

Yay I was waiting for this to get created…

Here’s my list:

I’m looking mainly for stuff from most good teams. I’m happy to ship!

Here is the link to my trading spreadsheet. Feel free to make any offers, I will ship within the US. A dream trade would be for a 1519 tie dye sweatshirt. Shay's FIRST Iventory Stock - Google Sheets

I am slowly getting out of trading as I’ve ended up with all the stuff I wanted (and perhaps some extra), but always willing to ship for something of interest.

Trading: 217 L hoodie, 254 M shirt, 254 M black shirt, 585 M shirt, 3132 M shirt, 3310 M shirt, 3847 L, and plenty beyond.

Specifically looking for: 1114 hoodie and toque (I mean, gotta match 2056), 4613 tshirt, 968 15 years, and #IFIgang stuffs if you ordered it.

I also still have some carts of the NES game hack I made for 2018:

And #temNASUH hoodies and shirts

My wishlist has definitely been dwindling over the years, so mostly high-profile items and the local teams I’m still trying to grab (size small or medium): 148 polo, IFI shirt, 7524, 118 black t-shirt, 3847, 5026, 4, 207, 867, 2659, 4501

I am always open to other offers though and am also quite happy to sell.

Here’s my spreadsheet:

Hey y’all, I am looking for Medium size items.

Here are my offers:

Some teams I’m looking for include: 2056, 1986, 1678, 1477 (hoodie), 624, 341 (jacket), 195, 125, 27 (jacket).

Feel free to PM me and we can arrange the shipping.

PS: Thank you @BryceHanson for creating the handy guide to ship items.

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Looking to trade some of my sweatshirts
spreadsheet is here

Here is my spreadsheet. DM me on discord (Steggs#4414) or CD

Looking mainly for T-Shirts, but open to trading hoodies as well. My wishlist is in my sheet, linked below. Feel free to reach out on Discord (kaitlynmm569#9959).

Shirt Inventory

Just throwing my sheet out again. I would still love a 1519 sweatshirt or 2017 volunteer shirt! Shay's FIRST Iventory Stock - Google Sheets

Might as well share my sheet again, though international shipping is probably more trouble than its worth. If any Israelis are interested in trading feel free to hmu

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