2021 Shirt Trading Thread

Hey y’all! I’m back with a new load of merch. This’ll probably be going to auction in the near future, but there are a few specific goodies I’m looking for!

Looking for an embroidered polo from a team like 148, 2056, 1114, 254, etc

Here is my sheet.

I’m mostly planning to sell (or maybe auction) but if you can find me a good polo, the world is your oyster.

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Hello all! I’m looking to immediately sell off a good amount of my shirts, with “good” shirts and “lesser” shirts being bundled to ensure that I can sell them all. They’re reasonably priced and prices are negotiable!

I’m also open to trades for 118 / 148 / 254 / etc 2021 apparel (including the shirts in my non-for-sale inventory).

Hi! I’m resending here my spredsheet.
Some trades have been made, some new stuff available, and wishlist have been updated as well.
Mostly looking for merch from 118,148,254,1114,1678,2056
But I’m always open to listening.

Thanks and have a good one!

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Looking to sell most of my inventory. Kinda an auction but not really because I’m lazy so some of the hotter items might have an auction style bidding for a bit but others are first come first serve.

Hi guys, a few questions; not sure if there are answers or if I should be asking them elsewhere, but I figured this would be somewhat relative.

First, how do you guys get so many of these shirts? Second, I see “tradeability” in lot’s of spreadsheets. Could someone explain what that means? Does it suggest selling for cash? I can’t imagine why someone would post it if they weren’t looking to trade it.


Hi, I can tell you my opinion/experience from trading shirts and other team related merchandise.
As a prior student and current mentor and volunteer, I accumulate shirts over the years from the team(s) I am associated with, and the events I volunteer for. I gradually trade those shirts over the years with other teams. I have traded at worlds and local comps, depending on where my team(s) compete that year. Once you have a team shirt, you can try to trade for a “more desired team”, and work your way up the “levels” to gain “harder to get” team shirts.
Shirts can be traded in person at comps, or via private messages on Chief Delphi for example, but trades should always be a mutual and fair agreement.
Many people interested in trading shirts often make spreadsheets of their inventory. The availability of the items often depend on how that person ranks the items they have and how “valuable” they are. For example people often want a 254 or 118 shirt, and to trade for one of these, they will be a very high status and hard to trade for. You will have to negotiate what items you have, for the items you want to try to trade for. Sometimes the trades go through, and sometimes the items you are bargaining are “not worth it” to the prison you are trying to trade with.
I hope this helps answer your questions. Again, this is my personal experience.

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Thank you so much!

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