2021 Team Update 05


Regarding the answer to Q27 that they say they edited - it reads in part “There are no rules that require that the same ROBOT be used for each of the three At Home Challenges”.

What 3 At Home Challenges? If they also mean Game Design and Innovation Challenge, it’s not like they have a robot anyway, so that part of the answer seems confusing / pointless.


Reading the Q27 made my head hurt. I suppose you could include your robot in the game design and innovation challenges if that works for you, but it’s not being forced like a certain chain element.

The blue box and rules seem pretty clear that all the skills challenges are to be done with one robot which is what we’re interested in, though someone can probably lawyer that otherwise.

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Just wanted to leave this here!


I don’t know how you can get this from a rule update that includes:



Ah duly noted, Hmm I had miss-read that line then. That is my fault entirely… My guess then would only have to be an further clarification for Judged vs Skills. As I don’t see a reason to build a robot for the Game Design Challenge or the Innovation challenge.

I mean I think there was some ambiguity there prior to this update, hence why it got the rule adjustment. Really just another great case study in why Q&A and the manual updates are so important, especially when FIRST tries something new.


I asked for a clarification when I read Q27 and here is what i was provided: