2021 Team Update 16

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During this time, raw and computed scores and rankings for the Skills Competition
are subject to change.

Is this implying you aren’t totally screwed if you overscore by a few points, and they’ll correct them if there’s a problem?

QnA seems to differ. It is time to consult the :star2: spirit :star2: !


I can now commune with one regularly thanks to the amazing @Katie_UPS:


Which answer seems to differ?

I’m interpreting the latest Team Update to be saying that if a video does not support an entered raw score, that score is “subject to change” in the sense of it being set to zero. It seems to me that the update is trying to remind teams that the scores they see on April 8 are not verified and might not be verified for quite a while. In other words, if you are leading on April 8, wait until the winner and finalist are posted before celebrating.

“To answer your other question, yes, if a video review indicates the team scored lower than reported, it will be zeroed, regardless of the amount of the difference.”


Me: “I think I owe the IRS $7”
IRS: “Actually, we calculate $8”
Me: “Oh, okay, cool lemme just…”
IRS: “We have seized [integer overflow] from your account, do not resist”

Genius. This will surely not cause issues and lead to an increase in distrust of HQ, misplaced or not, from teams. I was really hoping for an update on that, but #notmyproblem.


I’ve already got my email to HQ written out.


Anyone else just remember that there was a video naming convention that was listed in the manual. After I saw it on this update I remember reading it, but did not originally upload our teams with the proper names. I would hate for that to be a real sticking point. I am going to go reupload all my videos now.

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It’s this “Each video should be titled with the team number, a hyphen,challenge title, and omit spaces(e.g.Team0001-InterstellarAccuracyChallenge)”
Page 18, section 2.4.5

I had to look it up again last night.

I didn’t even realize that. Dang, good info! Do you know if it’s just the team#? Or team name AND #? because it says Team0001 which would imply name and #, but says number. Also, should the video names distinguish between paths for autonav/hypernav/galactic search?

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I did ours like this:
ex. Team1684-AutoNavBarrel

So yes, for each one that had paths I put the path after the challenge name.


Standard reminder that your official team name is all the sponsors and the “team nickname” is what everybody calls the team name

That would be some nasty file names at times…