2021 Virtual Texas Legislative Advocacy Conference SACOT: LAW (Legislative Advocacy Workshops)

Six years ago Team Appreciate founded SACOT (STEM Advocacy Conference of Texas) to support strong STEM advocacy throughout Texas. SACOT’s mission has always been to connect FIRST Robotics high school teams and students with their state legislators to advocate for STEM legislation at the state and local levels. Our goal is to make STEM opportunities more accessible to all Texas students.
The 2021 Legislative session has begun in Texas and it is once again time for SACOT to hold their advocacy training conference. This year we are unable to meet up at the Texas State Capital, but SACOT has instead planned a virtual Legislative Advocacy Conference called SACOT: LAW (Legislative Advocacy Workshops). This event will be a 2-part virtual conference held on 2 separate days. The first date, being February 20th, is when we will teach students how to advocate to their state legislators on a pre-selected STEM bill. After the February 20th training, we will help teams coordinate meetings with various state legislators to advocate for the chosen bill and educate them about FIRST Robotics. These meetings would be scheduled between February 22-March 26th. On March 27th, we will hold the second day of SACOT LAW in which teams will reunite to share their experiences and discussions with their state legislators and hear from a panel of STEM industry Professionals; this includes Susan Ashmore from FIRST in Texas. The panel will allow students to have the opportunity to converse and network with STEM industry professionals.
I hope that, as a coach or mentor, you will share and consider this virtual outreach opportunity with your FIRST Robotics team. We believe that the students on your team would be a great addition to this virtual conference! With the help of your team we want to accomplish the goal of reaching all 181 legislators this session. By attending the workshop, your students will not only be able to actively advocate for the importance of STEM education, but also share the important mission of FIRST Robotics with state legislators. Please let me know if your team is interested in joining us to support STEM advocacy this year by registering through our google form: https://forms.gle/mYyADcnEBSVoZX42A. Please ensure that each team member who plans to attend fills out that form to participate. Thank you!
Norman Morgan
Team Appreciate 2468


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