2021 Volunteering

I understand FIRST is still in the process of recruiting judges for this year, and I wanted to create a discussion about what we might expect while volunteering in 2021!

Obviously many volunteers in FIRST perform roles other than judging year after year. I imagine some of those volunteers might have reservations about judging for one reason or another. Pulling back the curtain on what it’s like to be a judge might be useful for encouraging more people to volunteer. I’d love to hear from people with judging experience about what other volunteers can expect, how judging is similar and different from other volunteer roles, and generally why judging is worth doing this year!

For those who have already signed up to be a judge, I’m curious to hear what challenge you will be judging, and why you’re excited about it.

I’m happy to say I just volunteered to judge the Innovation Challenge. I’m still waiting to be confirmed in that role, but I’m really excited to see what kind of ideas teams have come up with. I’ve been heavily involved in my team’s Innovation Challenge submission so it will be really cool to see how other teams took a different approach.

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I clicked thinking there was new info about volunteering outside of judging, shouldn’t of gotten my hopes up.

I signed up to judge the game design challenge. Will see if I get selected.

Not old enough but if I could, I really want to see game designs

I pulled the trigger and volunteered for the At Home Challenges.

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